Dusty Rhodes To Return Tonight, Titus O'Neil-NXT, RAW, More

Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

– At tonight's FCW event, Dusty Rhodes will team with his sons (Goldust and 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes) to face off with Curt Hawkins and The Dudebusters (Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft).


– GatorSports.com has an article up on former Florida Gator defensive lineman Thaddeus Bullard, known to wrestling fans as NXT rookie Titus O'Neil.

– Kentucky.com has an article up, discussing Monday Night RAW coming to Lexington, and also discussing Kentucky's history with professional wrestling.

– Mark sent this one in regards to the NXT trademark issues: The first company listed was Acushnet. I know nothing of the second company, but Acushnet is a major golf supplier that owns Titleist (pronounced Title-ist, if you're not a golfer), Cobra, and Pinnacle, all names of which are amongst the biggest in the industry. The NXT name that they have trademarked is the name of Titleist's mid-end golf ball line. I found it funny when I read of Acushnet's opposition of WWE's trademark, because I don't see how anyone could ever confuse the two. My Pro Shop has carried both Titleist NXT Extreme (distance ball) and Titleist NXT Tour (feel/spin ball) for the last few years now and when WWE launched the NXT brand in place of ECW I never, ever thought to myself, "huh, Titleist makes a golf ball called NXT". Even with the colour scheme on the boxes for the NXT Tour and NXT Extreme being yellow on black and black on yellow respectively, it still didn't trigger any thoughts when I saw the black and yellow WWE NXT logo. When a CPGA Golf Pro who is also a rabid wrestling fan doesn't think of something like that, I don't think many other people will confuse the issue either.