HBK-Vince McMahon Backstage Heat Rumor Killer, Funny Cena Video, Danielson

– Contrary to rumors, there is no heat between HBK and Vince McMahon. We never reported that here on this website. WWE understands that at 45, that Shawn is in a different place in his life at this time. On the upcoming WrestleMania XXVI: The World Television Premiere, the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker match that led to Michaels' retirement is featured prominently.


– Here is the lineup for Saturday's Dragon Gate USA PPV taping:

* Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo (due to his WWE contract, this will not be taped for PPV)
* BxB Hulk vs. Masaaki Mochizuki for the Open the Freedom Gate title
* Masato Yoshino & Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Hallowicked vs. Yamato & Akira Tozawa & Gran Akuma & Jon Moxley
* Naruki Doi vs. TBA (will be announced tomorrow night)
* Cima vs. TBA

– Here is a new Gillette commercial featuring WWE star John Cena. Expect this to air numerous times during WWE RAW, SD!, NXT, Superstars, PPVs and on other major television networks in the coming weeks: