Major IMPACT! News - Huge Former ECW Talents Backstage

– As previously reported, the August 12th iMPACT! will be a two-hour, PPV caliber show. The show will air in its usual time slot, but will contain less backstage skits and angles and more in-ring with higher quality matches. The show will be headlined by RVD vs. Abyss for the World Title. The nail-covered board (Janice) will hang from the ceiling. We can now report that the show will not be an "ECW" themed event, but instead will have matches that likely would have been on the original Hard Justice PPV. Some of the "ECW" talent are expected to work the show. In addition to RVD vs. Abyss for the TNA Title, the final match in the Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns series will also be on the show.


– The fourth match between Beer Money Inc. and The Motor City Machine Guns will be an Ultimate X match. The match will be taped tonight. They taped a cage match last night at the tapings. That match was said to have been "awesome".

– Bill Alfonso is now confirmed for TNA Hardcore Justice.

– The Sandman and Jerry Lynn are both backstage at today's TNA iMPACT! tapings and are expected to appear tonight.