Martha Hart-WWE Lawsuit Update, Morrison, Lesnar-Heyman News

– WWE, Vince and Linda McMahon all have until August 11th to officially respond to Martha Hart's lawsuit regarding the use of Owen Hart's likeness and footage in WWE-related materials. The lawsuit alleges that WWE and the McMahons used Hart's name and likeness without right in dozens of commercial videos and other materials, violated a contract restricting the use of Owen Hart's name, likeness and wrestling footage, and disregarded Martha Hart's wishes against further association of Owen to WWE following his death Owen's brother Bret has spoken out against the lawsuit, while WWE's attorney Jerry McDevitt has referred to the suit as politically motivated.


– John Morrison will be on the cover of the next issue of Muscle and Fitness, with an article looking at his training routine. The article comes out this Monday. There's a video of the shoot which features a cameo from The Rock.

Yahoo Sports has an article about Brock Lesnar writing his autobiography with Paul Heyman.

Omaha World-Herald has an interview with Sheamus to promote this Saturday's SuperShow. As noted earlier here on the website, the main event will be Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Edge and Chris Jericho vs. John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Big Show. You can check out the interview at

– Jerry Lawler is allowing local businessman Joe Cooper to use his his name and likeness to open a new deli and retail store in Memphis called "King Jerry Lawler's".