Nikki Bella Responds To Online Reports, SD! News, More

– Kansas City's Metro Po Wrestling, which was believed to have gone belly-up, may not be dead just yet. The company's website has reappeared, and it is expected that an announcement of a new taping at Memorial Hall next month will be made soon. The rumor is that the partner who had the issues that threatened to sink the company is no longer involved with the promotion. Some restructuring has taken place with the two remaining partners, one of whom held the local TV deal and the other who held the rights to run in Memorial Hall. The company will continue with two owners going forward. The relaunced website shows that the TV series will debut on July 24 at 11PM on Metro Sports Kansas and other local stations. More information is available at


– In response to online reports that The Bella Twins' future with World Wrestling Entertainment could be in jeopardy as a result of the RAW guest concept being de-emphasized, an apparently agitated Nikki quipped the following on Twitter: "Stop believin' rumors peeps aight..."

– As noted yesterday here on the website, the September 14 SmackDown! taping will be held at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI. Tickets go on sale July 31.

– Two exclusive GI Joe action figures of Sgt. Slaughter will be released at San Diego Comic Con.