Off-Air Money In The Bank Notes: Dark Match, Post-PPV & More

-- In the Money In The Bank dark match, Santino Marella defeated William Regal with the Cobra. Match was said to be total comedy. (Thanks to Allison)

-- After the PPV went off the air, the cage was raised and all the members of Nexus came to the ring. Wade Barrett took the mic and said that the crowd doesn't understand that they are chasing dreams. Barrett then warned John Cena and Sheamus to watch out. (Thanks to Allison)

-- From Ryan In KC: I was sitting in the camera section of the crowd and during the main event cage match a suited security guard type guy came and sat in our section near the camera. We were wondering why he was there.

When the keys got thrown to the "crowd," this security guard was in place to retrieve them. A fan in our section caught the keys and was demanded to give them up by the security guard who was obviously sent in advance to retrieve them. The fan was very hesitant to give up the keys but ultimately gave in.


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