Orton Speaks On Anderson, McCool-WWE, Rock Note, More

– Since opening an account on Twitter (https://twitter.com/RealRKOrton) last week, Randy Orton has made numerous comments of note. For starters, he was asked to give his thoughts on Bryan Danielson as a performer as well as his sudden firing from World Wrestling Entertainment. "I understand why it happened. But he def deserves to be there, I'm sure he'll b back," Orton responded. "Very talented in my opinion."


Orton also continues to bring up former WWE performer Ken Anderson's name, whom he recently ranted about on a message board post in regards to claims concerning his dismissal from the company last year. He laughed at a fan noting he already had more Twitter followers than Anderson and threatened to send the former WWE star after an Orton poser if he didn't shut down his account. However, it would appear that Orton has since had a change of heart in regards to the current TNA star as he now feels that last year's incident was a misunderstanding. In response to a question this morning asking if he would ever make peace with Anderson, he wrote, "I think what happened is a misunderstanding and at this point there is peace. Hell......we used to ride together." Finally, Orton revealed that he will have a new shirt out within thirty days.


– Michelle McCool says it's hard for her to see the celebrity others see in her. Though she is former middle school teacher turned wrestling star, in her eyes, the important stuff has stuck around: Family, friends, passions and herself. "I'm still the same person," she told the St. Augustine Record in an interview. "I just happen to be on TV now." She wants her fans to know that even though she plays a villain on television, she's just a regular girl. "I'm real," she said. "I'm genuine."

– The following matches, featuring The Rock, have been made available by WWE for $1.99.

* vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H – WWF Title, SummerSlam 2000
* vs. Booker T – WCW Title, SummerSlam 2001
* vs. Bret Hart – IC Title, Raw, 3/31/97
* vs. Triple H – IC Title, Raw, 2/13/97
* vs. Hollywood Hogan – WrestleMania X8
* vs. Chris Jericho – WWF Title, Royal Rumble 2002
* vs. Kurt Angle – WWF Title, No Way Out 2001
* vs. Mankind – WWF Title, Survivor Series 1998
* vs. Steve Austin – WrestleMania XIX
* vs. Triple H – Steel Cage match, Raw, 7/5/99