Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch Comments On Dawn Marie, & More

Missy Hyatt's paragraph commenting on Tammy Sytch (former WWE Diva "Sunny") has since been removed from her blog post about Dawn Marie and Wrestler's Rescue.

The paragraph read: Tammy to my knowledge only did the convention, some miscellaneous errands, agreed to be on the cruise & be apart of a book deal that will be out for release in 2011. Tammy did not have any access to any money. Rather then mention what her actual participation was for Wrestlers Rescue, Tammy released statements that hurt everyone that has volunteered their services to Wrestlers Rescue. Though her comments may have hurt many of us on a personal & business level I can understand if she may have reacted out of fear and concern for herself. The way everyone had reacted and smeared this obvious smear campaign is scary.


In light of the reports that surfaced online last week, Sytch posted several messages on her Facebook account refuting her involvement with the organization.

"I have absolutely no involvement with Wrestler's Rescue, and do not have any knowledge of their business practices," she wrote. "Although I have heard rumors about wrong-doings involving money, I do not believe them to be true. But once again, I am not a part of the above stated company."

She would, however, clarify her previous involvement with the organization, writing: "I tried to help Dawn with the booking agency part over 6 months ago.... that lasted 3 weeks, and it was HELP not WORK. i didnt take a dime, b/c nothing came about in the agency,. and I told her I didnt want any part of it. Everything she does is half assed, so nothing works."