Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson, who cuts a goofy comedy promo that's probably just a little too over the top. Anderson talks for a bit about the people that he's going to be facing in the main event tonight, and he uses each as an opportunity to make a terrible joke. Anderson says after it's all said and done, he'll have the chance to be TNA World Champion. Anderson calls Hemme and asshole, and walks off.

AJ Styles and Kazarian vs. Rob Terry and...

AJ Styles and Kaz make their way out to the ring for their match against mystery opponents, as booked by Ric Flair. Rob Terry is the first half of the tag team revealed to be facing Styles and Kaz. Terry wait on the ramp for his opponent, and Samoa Joe's music hits and both Kaz and Styles look heartbroken.

Terry and Styles start things off for their respective teams. Styles circles Terry, and then tags right out to Kaz. Kaz gets in, and argues with Styles, and while he does, Terry palms his head and squeezes. Terry hits a shoulder block that sends Kaz to the outside, where Joe goes right to work. Styles tries to attack from behind but Joe sees it coming. Back in the ring, Joe tags in and goes to work on Kaz with a series of big punches, and then stomps. Joe tags out to Terry, and Kaz flees to his corner to tag in Styles.

Terry tosses Styles out of the ring, then tosses Kaz right after. Joe tags in, and hits an elbow suicida to the floor to both men. Back in the ring, Joe hits a big splash in the corner and immediately follows it up with an enzugiri. Styles is able to get a cheap shot on Joe, and he spits at Terry. Styles and Kaz use the distraction to double team Joe and switch places. Kaz hits Joe with a big dropkick, and tags AJ back in. Styles lays into Joe with right hands before hitting a snap mare and going right into a rear chin lock. Joe tries to fight out so AJ turns it into a front face lock.

AJ goes for the Styles clash, but Joe fights out. Styles tries to roll through and go for it again, but Joe continues to fight. Styles hits a Pele kick, but when he goes for a splash, Joe catches him and hits a big urunage. Terry tags in, and it able to go to work on both men, sending Kaz into the corner and launching him with a back body drop before dropping Styles with a giant gorilla press slam. Terry catches a leaping Kaz and puts him away with a falling slam, before turning back to Styles, who gets a delayed vertical suplex into a powerslam. Things break down and all four men are in the ring. Joe tries for the muscle buster on Kaz, but Desmond Wolfe out to the ring and distracts Joe. Wolfe gets in the ring and tries to do something, but Terry drops him with a clothesline.

Kaz and Styles team up to take out Terry, hitting a series of high impact, springboard type maneuvers, and going for the quick cover, getting three.

Winners: AJ Styles and Kazarian

After the match, Wolfe gloats in the ring, but he turns around, and Joe is there, attacking him and hitting him with a giant muscle buster.