Christy Hemme is backstage with Brother Ray. He interrupts her, says that Jesse Neal is a failure to his family, and his fans, and his dead friend, basically everyone. Ray says he'll be a failure tonight. Ray says it's not in D-Von's best interests to lay his hands on Ray, because Ray made him and D-Von couldn't survive in the business without him. Ray says that he is Team 3D, and he'll win tonight.

3-Way Match
Brother Devon vs. Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal

We get a video package detailing the events of the last few weeks that have led up to this match.

Team 3D's music hits, and Brother Ray comes out, but he looks around and walks right back backstage. Jesse Neal is the second man announced, and he makes his way down the ramp where he's eventually jumped by Ray. 3D's music hits again, but it doesn't look like anyone's coming out. Ray continues to beat Neal around the entrance ramp.

Backstage, a camera is showing a door, and D-Von is pounding on the other side of it, apparently locked in, and trying to get out.

Back in the ring, Ray hits Neal with a big clothesline and just continues to dominate the young wrestler. Ray lays in big rights and lefts to the side of Neal's head before delivering a big elbow drop. Ray picks up Neal and slams his head into the turnbuckle before delivering a huge open hand chop. Ray hits Neal with a big elbow drop to the top of the head and Ray continues circling, hitting Neal with another open hand chop to the back. Ray hits Neal with a body slam, and goes for another elbow, but Neal avoids it, and tries for a flurry of offense, only to walk into a back body drop.

Tommy Dreamer leads his group, including Rhino, Raven, and Stevie Richards, to a huge pop from the crowd. Ray is distracted and he asks what the men are doing there. Ray turns around and eats a spear from Neal that's good for a two count. Neal mounts Ray and just works him over with a series of punches, but when he gets off Ray, Ray immediate responds with a big clothesline. Ray goes out and grabs a chair, and Moore runs out to try and help, but it only distracts the ref, allowing Ray to launch the chair directly into Neal's back. The ref sends Moore to the back and Ray celebrates. 3D's music hits and D-Von makes his way to the ring.

D-Von and Ray have a stare down in the middle of the ring, and then they both look down at Jesse Neal. Ray tries to hit D-Von with a cheap shot, but D-Von sees it coming and he lays into Ray with offense of his own. Neal goes for a spear, and accidentally hits D-Von. Ray capitalizes with a Bubba bomb, and he pins Neal for a quick three count.

Winner: Brother Ray

Ray immediately goes to the back, telling Ray he told him so.