TNA Victory Road: Hernandez Vs. Matt Morgan (Cage Match)


Christy Hemme is backstage with Abyss, who has a 2x4, loaded with nails. Abyss talks about the board like it's a woman, saying tonight, the other men in the main event will find out what a b—h his girl can be.


- We get a video package detailing the past of Matt Morgan and Hernandez, from their time as tag team champions, to Morgan injuring Hernandez, to the past few weeks.

Steel Cage Match
Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Morgan tries to talk to Hernandez at the outside, and then goes right for the door, but Hernandez is right there. He launches Morgan into one side of the cage and then the other. Morgan misses a big splash, and Hernandez crotches him on the top rope before hitting a big dropkick to knock him off. Hernandez splashes Morgan twice into the side of the cage, but the third time, Morgan moves and Hernandez crashes head first into the side of the cage.

Morgan goes to work, slamming Hernandez head first into the side of the cage himself twice. Hernandez tries to fight back, but Morgan hits a big discus clothesline to put Hernandez down to the mat. Morgan gloats for a bit, but when he goes for the door, Hernandez grabs him by the foot. Morgan fights off Hernandez, and hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner. Hernandez pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle, but Morgan hits the carbon footprint to do even more damage. Morgan keeps waving to the crowd, signaling leaving. Morgan goes out of the cage door with one foot in and one foot out. Morgan turns back around and goes to work on Hernandez, wrapping him up in the ropes and slamming him into the cage before grating his face against the side of the cage.


Morgan chokes Herandez in the corner a bit, but Hernandez fires himself up and fights back with a series of clotheslines. Morgan gets up, but gets put right back down with a big shoulder block. Hernandez picks up Morgan for what looks to be the border toss, but he doesn't look to be able to get Morgan up for the move. Hernandez tries for another border toss, but it ends up more like a powerbomb that didn't look too pretty. Hernandez climbs up to the top of the cage, and he looks down, signaling to the crowd. Hernandez dives off the top toward Morgan, but Morgan moves and Hernandez crashes to the mat.

Morgan goes to something on the apron, and it turns out he's got a set of handcuffs. Morgan handcuffs Hernandez to the top rope, but it's on the side of the cage with the door. Morgan climbs up to the top of the cage, and Hernandez rips off the handcuffs before diving through the cage door with a huge headbutt.

Winner: Hernandez

Morgan doesn't look too happy and Hernandez looks pretty dazed from the sick dive through the cage door there.