TNA Victory Road: Jay Lethal Vs. Ric Flair


Christy Hemme is backstage with Ric Flair, who is about to take on Jay Lethal. Flair says sometimes he things Hemme is blonde. He asks if Hemme knows what Lethal has done, he's made a decision that will send him back. Ric Flair is why there is a sport called pro wrestling. He says he's spent 39 years being the man, and in TNA, he will walk the aisle again, style and profile, and Lethal will wonder what he's done to himself. Flair says he hates showing off, but tonight he's going to be Naitch, he's going to smack Lethal around so bad, Lethal will go to his mom and ask to be breast fed. Flair says this is Sunday, he should be drinking wine and making love to a beautiful woman, and now he's got to go out and wrestle. Flair says he's the greatest wrestler that ever lives, woo's a whole bunch, and then walks off.

Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair

Tenay and Taz BS about the next match for a little while before the video package is even shown. Probably because the cage now needs to be taken down, and TNA isn't the speediest when it comes to things like that.

Lethal says something to Flair while pointing out to the crowd. The crowd begins to chant, and they're pretty evenly split. Lethal and Flair lock up and Lethal locks in a side headlock, and doesn't let go. Lethal takes Flair down to the mat, and Flair doesn't look to flustered. Flair and Lethal lock up again and this time Flair locks in the side headlock. Flair connects with a shoulder block to put Lethal down, but Lethal responds with a dropkick and a big back body drop before clotheslining Flair over the top rope to the outside. Flair recovers for a bit on the outside, surprising Lethal and trying for a vertical suplex to the outside, that's reversed. Lethal follows up with a missile dropkick that's good for a two count, and Flair puts his thumb in Lethal's eye.

Flair tags Lethal with a couple of knife edge chops. Flair goes for one too many and Lethal is able to turn it around and hit a series of stinging knife edge chops himself. Flair does his goofy falling to his face routine, before getting back up and putting his thumbs back in Lethal's eye. Flair tries to go to the top, but Lethal catches him and hits a giant superplex. Lethal goes back to the top and tries for a moonsault, but Flair rolls out of the way. Flair catches Lethal with a boot to the side of the head before stomping away at Lethal's knee and thigh.

Flair chop blocks Lethal's knee, and Lethal drops like a ton of bricks. Flair continues to just stomp away at Lethal's knees, before picking up his legs and locking in the figure four right in the middle of the ring. Lethal screams in pain and Flair uses the ropes for an extra bit of leverage. The ref catches Flair finally, and forces Flair to break the hold. Flair and Hebner get into an arguement, and it allows Lethal to score a quick roll up that's good for a two count.

Flair fish hooks Lethal, before hitting him with another series of chops to the chest. Around the fourth chop from Flair, Lethal responds with some of this own and the two men begin trading blows with each other. Lethal catches Flair with a flying forearm, and another chop before taking Flair down with a back handspring elbow. Flair begs off in the corner, but Lethal takes it right back to him. Lethal flips out of the corner and taunts Flair with a little strut. Lethal goes for the sunset flip, but ends up with a handfull of trunks, and Ric Flair, the old man himself, exposes his rear end on a world wide PPV. Flair locks in a sleeper that Lethal fights off, only to hit a springboard cross body, and a splash across Flair's knee.

Lethal chop block's Flair's knee, and then drags him into the middle of the ring to lock in a figure four of his own. Flair is forced to tap out to Jay Lethal is his own hold.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal is incredibly emotional after the match. Flair argues with Hebner, but he's shoved down by the official. Lethal celebrates around ringside and grabs the mic. Lethal calls out for his mom, and says he did it.


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