Christy Hemme is backstage with the TNA World Champion: RVD. Van Dam says he doesn’t trust Mr. Anderson, Jeff’s cool, but he doesn’t have any friends tonight. As far as Abyss, he plans on getting a hold of Abyss’ weapon, and sticking it where the sun doesn’t shine. He says he’ll worry about staying World Champion.

TNA World Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss vs. Rob Van Dam

Jeremy Borash is in the ring, and he does formal ring introductions for all the men in the match.

The bell rings and we’re ready to kick this one off. Abyss is pacing on the outside of the ring. Anderson, RVD and Hardy stare at each other and circle slowly. They discuss Abyss with each other. Abyss climbs to the apron and all three of the other men attack. Everyone works together to do damage to Abyss, Anderson pounding on Abyss, then Hardy, then RVD. Hardy hits a splash, then Anderson, and RVD follows it up with a giant monkey flip. Anderson and Hardy both go for a cover, and Abyss rolls to the outside. Hardy jumps off the back of RVD, over the top rope on top of Abyss. Anderson tries for a quick roll up, but he only gets a two count.

Van Dam takes Anderson down and tries for rolling thunder, but Abyss grabs RVD’s legs and pulls him to the outside where he slams him into the barricade. Abyss turns his attention to Anderson in the ring, but Anderson and Hardy are able to stun the big man. Abyss teases a double chokeslam, but Hardy and Anderson take Abyss down with a double shoulder block. Anderson sets Hardy up for a splash on Abyss, but hits him with a spear instead, tries for a cover, but it’s broken up by RVD. Hardy hits a back kick and front suplex on Van Dam, but RVD is able to kick out at two.

RVD launches himself to the outside where he lands on top of Abyss. Not to be outdone, Hardy does the same. Mr. Anderson goes to the top turnbuckle, and jumps to the outside where he catches Abyss with a double sledge. Anderson is able to roll back into the ring, as does RVD. RVD hits the split leg moonsault on Anderson, but Hardy is able to break up a cover. RVD and Hardy trade blows, but Van Dam catches Hardy with a big kick to the face. RVD traps Anderson in the corner, but Anderson turns it around. RVD tries to go to the top, but Anderson shuts it down and RVD ends up crotched on the top rope. Anderson tries for a superplex, but RVD fights it off. Hardy comes in and helps out Anderson, trying to make it a double superplex. Abyss comes in and assists, turning it into a double powerbomb/double superplex combination. Abyss goes for the cover on Hardy, then Anderson, but he can’t put either away.

Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but RVD fights out of it. RVD hits Abyss with some ridiculously high kicks, and he follows it up with a single leg dropkick. RVD goes up to the top again, but Anderson is there and he shoves him off the top where RVD smashes face first into the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Hardy and Abyss trade blows, and Hardy gets the upper hand with the whisper in the wind, but Anderson breaks up a pin attempts. Anderson hits the mic check on Abyss and this time Hardy breaks up the pin. Hardy tries for the twist of fate on Abyss, but it’s fought off and Abyss responds with a black hole slam. Abyss pins Hardy, but Anderson pulls the ref out of the ring before the three count. Hardy knocks Abyss to the floor.

Anderson and Hardy trade pretty wild blows with Anderson getting the better of Hardy. Anderson tries for the mic check, Hardy tries for the twist of fate, everything is being countered. Hardy is finally able to connect with the twist of fate, and he goes to the top where he connects with a swanton bomb, but when he gets up, he’s chokeslammed back onto Anderson. Abyss pins both men and RVD comes in with a five star frog splash on everyone. RVD pins Anderson, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Rob Van Dam

After the match Abyss turns his attentions to RVD and attacks him from behind. Abyss grabs the 2×4 covered in nails and he goes to hit RVD but he misses him and rips up part of the canvas. Abyss looks at the board and stares at RVD, though him staring at the board is the image that ends the PPV.