Christy Hemme is backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says he’ll keep this Victory Road hot, and all his creatures will fly high with him, when he wins the title. Hardy says some more crazy stuff, then runs off.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Storm and Shelley look to start things off for their respective teams. They lock up and Storm back Shelley up into the corner before breaking somewhat cleanly. Another lock up and Storm back Shelley up again. He tries to punch Shelley, but Shelley comes back with a flurry of offense of his own. Shelley hits an inverted atomic drop followed up with a headscissors and he turns his attention to Storm’s arm. Storm is able to tag out to Roode who comes in and works on Shelley’s arm. Shelley makes the tag to Sabin who comes in and eats a couple of right hands from Roode. Sabin hits a kick to the face, and the Guns use a blind tag to take both Storm and Roode out to the floor. Sabin follows Roode to the outside and rolls him back in for Shelley.

Shelley goes to work on Roode’s arm before tagging in Sabin who double teams Roode, still focusing on the arm. Sabin stomps away at Roode’s head, but Roode is able to make it back to his feet and tag out to Storm. Another blind tag for the Guns leads to another double team, and Shelley goes for the pin, but Roode comes in to break things up. Shelley sends Roode to the floor, but then turns around into a punch to the face from Storm. Sabin is arguing with the ref, and it leads to Roode pulling Shelley down and crotching him against the ring post. Roode and Storm continue to make quick tags to work over Shelley and Storm lock in a rear chin lock. Shelley fights out but he’s taken right down to the mat, and a double team suplex hurts him even more.

Roode beats on Shelley in the corner, and sends him corner to corner before hitting a big gut buster. Roode grabs Shelley around the midsection and wrenches away at Shelley’s midsection. Storm tags in and goes right back to work on the same area that his partner was focusing on, Shelley’s midsection. Shelley breaks the hold, and he’s able to fight off both members of BMI and make the tag to Sabin who comes in and takes the fight to both men. Miscommunication leads to Storm elbow dropping Roode. Sabin kicks Storm in the face and hits a big cross body to Roode that’s good for a two count.

Shelley hits a standing sliced bread, and goes for the cover, but Roode breaks it up. Things break down and Sabin is fighting against both members of BMI. Sabin hits a hurricarana on Storm, and he tries for one on Roode, but Roode catches him, and sets him up, allowing his partner to hit the eye of the Storm. Roode and Storm double team Shelley with a sick double knee drop, but it’s not good enough for three. BMI try for the DWI, but the Guns see it coming and prevent it, but Storm comes from out of nowhere with a big clothesline taking out both members of the Guns. Shelley and Sabin continue to showcase their beautiful double team maneuvers. Shelley and Roody fight it out in the ring, and Roode jumps over the ropes out on top of Sabin. Shelley returns the favor, leaping out on top of Roode.

Storm tries to spit beer into Sabin’s eyes, but it ends up in the eyes of the ref. The Guns connect with a beautiful double team, and Earl Hebner runs in from the back, but it’s still not enough for a three count. more double teams from the Guns, and Shelley hits a big cross body. Roode rolls through and goes for the cover but he only gets two. Roode and Shelley trade right hands, and Shelley hits a series of slaps. The Guns hit a series of kicks on both men. Storm and Sabin both pin the other team member, and both referees make the count. Confusion ensues.

Since there’s no decisive winner, the match has to be restarted.

BMI attack the Guns right off the bat, and things are still pretty much free of rules as all four men are in the ring. Shelley avoids a splash from Storm, and this allows the Guns to turn the tide of the match. A cross body/ddt combo from the Guns leads to a pin, and the three count. This one is over.

Winner and NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns