TNA Victory Road Opener:

We get a video package to open the show that highlights the main event heading into tonight's event.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to tonight's event and immediately begins hyping some of the bigger bouts tonight, especially the main event. The Ultimate X structure is set up, and looks to start things out tonight. Brian Kendrick's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring.

Ultimate X & Submission Match for the TNA X Division Championship
Douglas Williams vs. Brian Kendrick

Williams tries to go right for the title, but Kendrick stops him, and gets kicked back to the mat for his troubles. Williams comes down from the turnbuckle and locks in a European cravat. Kendrick fights it off and lays into Williams in the corner with a series of right hands. Williams is quick to respond with a running knee, and he goes straight into the last chancery, stolen from Austin Aries. Kendrick refuses to tap out, and he eventually fights out of the hold, and shrugs off a leaping Williams. Kendrick hits a dropkick from the middle rope and tries for his choke submission, but Williams fights it off and hits a diving European uppercut.

Williams stomps away on Kendrick before locking in a headscissors right in the middle of the ring. Kendrick rolls Williams over, and gets right on his feet and just wails on Williams' face with clubbing blows. Kendrick goes for the cobra clutch again, but again, Williams fights it off. Williams locks in what looks to be a Gory special, but Kendrick fights out, hits a low dropkick, and a series of flying forearms before going for the cobra clutch yet again. Williams fights it off, but Kendrick back body drops him out of the ring. Williams is able to make his way up to the top turnbuckle, where he's hung up by Kendrick, who uses the advantage to climb up Williams and try for the title. Williams is able to sit up on the turnbuckle though and back suplex Kendrick all the way from the top down to the mat.

Kendrick goes for the cobra clutch again, but Williams fights it off, only to find himself turned around and locked into the hold. Williams crawls to the outside to avoid tapping out, so Kendrick begins to try and climb the Ultimate X structure. Williams is up and he follows right after Kendrick. the two fight about ten feet up the structure, and Kendrick falls to the ring apron, then the floor. Williams climbs back down to the floor, and he grabs a pair of gloves out of his trunks before driving Kendrick back first into the ring apron. Williams climbs into the ring and begins to put on a pair of climbing gloves.

Williams climbs the structure and makes it to the crossed ropes over the ring, and Kendrick is up, and quickly there. Kendrick wraps his legs around Williams, and it looks like he tries for the cobra clutch again, but both men end up crashing to the mat. Williams locks in a cobra clutch of his own, and Kendrick looks to be out. The referee raises his arm three times, and Kendrick is unable to keep it up. Williams wins by submission, but it's technically referee stoppage.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Douglas Williams