Vince McMahon Talks Politics, Trish Barking Like A Dog, Going PG & More

As noted yesterday, has a great article and rare interview with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. In the interview, McMahon talks about his upbringing, his wife's campaign, the Chris Benoit tragedy and much more. Here are some more excerpts from the article:


On politics: "I'll say two things about politics . . . and that's it . . . [I'm] Very proud of my wife (and) I'm going to vote for her."

On making Trish Stratus bark like a dog: "Everybody hates an arrogant boss — not that I'm like that in real life. A lot of people could relate to that. Was that a little bit over the top from time to time? No question . . . I think a lot of our environment in the past is held up as who we are today, which of course is just not the case. It's just politically expedient to do so."

On going PG: "If you're reaching a larger audience, why would we go back to trying to reach a smaller audience? Business-wise it doesn't make any sense."

On steroids: "I don't know there's really been any great research you can point to that definitely says this is deleterious to your health or in some cases it helps you or whatever . . . So I don't think there's enough empirical research done, certainly not by the government."


You can check out the full article and interview by clicking here.