WWE RAW Results (7/5) - NXT Vs. RAW, Austin Hint, More!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, July 5th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn.
Results by 411 Mania

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?"

-The NXT rookies are in the ring, including Wade Barrett. Barrett's got a mic. He says that last week, he received an email from the GM that he was to get Nexus in the ring in order to face the appropriate consequences for their actions. He's going to tell all of us the same thing he told the GM. He can not reveal right now why they did what they did to Mr. McMahon, but it needed to happen. It's all about a bigger picture. Mr. McMahon though he controlled them, but that's not the case. Things changed very quickly. Just like all of us, he had no idea as to the agenda. Mr. Sheffield has something to say about Ricky Steamboat. Sheffield says that what they did to Ricky Steamboat and the legends was for fun. They found a loophole in the GM's ruling, and they exploited it. The people loved every second of it, even if we won't admit it. Fact is, more people now are interested in Ricky Steamboat's DVD than before, so he should be thanking them. Michael Cole's got a message. He's received an email that the GM has decided on the Nexus' punishment. None of the Nexus can compete for a WWE title until further notice, and furthermore, as of this moment, the ruling of Nexus members not being able to touch Raw superstars, and vice versa, has been lifted. Nexus isn't happy about that. And here comes Cena.


Cena says the seven of them have done quite a lot except for one thing. And that's get themselves into a fair fight. By his math, that would make the numbers seven on seven. Here comes Orton, Truth, Bourne, The Hart Dynasty and John Morrison. They make their way down to the ring, but a ton of heels run out and attack them. Sheamus, Dibiase, Uso's, Jericho and Edge. They start brawling in the ring, but the faces dump them all out. Cena hits one of the Uso's with an Attitude Adjustment. Sheamus has a mic and says Cena doesn't get it. Cena asks them what they are doing and says they had them and could have taken them out. Sheamus says maybe they don't want to take them out. The only wrestler they seem to attack is Cena. He doesn't know what Nexus' agenda is, but they support everyone who they've taken out. Last week Cena asked Sheamus to join him. But him, and everyone else, respectfully declines. If any of the faces have any brains, they will too. Orton tells Sheamus to listen up. He and Cena aren't friends, unless they have to. Now the Nexus is a serious threat, so what's the matter with Edge. Has he forgot that they jumped them at Fatal Four Way. If they can't fix this right now, why can't the finish what they started with the seven of them. Cole's got another email. The GM says that don't even think about fighting. If they want action, they'll get it. All of the MITB competitors will face each other in singles action. Cena will face Wade Barrett, but it's not going to be a match. They want them to shake hands and call a truce. Cena says they all know the GM is watching. So instead of shaking the hand of Wade Barrett, he takes his hand, put it in a fist, and knock his teeth out. Cole's got another email. The GM says that John, with all due respect, he needs him to be the bigger man. He trusts he'll do the right thing, or his actions will be met with appropriate consequences, "and that's the bottom line, because the GM said so". Cena stares at Cole dumbfounded to end the segment.


-The WWE channel on Youtube is now open.

Match 1 : John Morrison vs Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase (w/ Maryse)

Maryse joins Lawler and Cole on commentary, and she's looking damn fine as usual.

Morrison with the rights to start. He runs off the ropes but Ted launches him into the air and Morrison lands on his gut. Dibiase with knees to the guts. Snapmare by Dibiase and he locks in the body scissors. Morrison fights out with elbows. Dibiase hits Morrison with a hot shot. Pin but only two. Maryse is putting over he relationship with Ted. Morrison starts fighting back. Roll up by John, but only gets two. Shots by Morrison, and he hits a clothesline. Jumping heel kick connects. Pin but only two. Starship Pain countered, and Dibiase hits a vintage scoop slam. Gamengiri by Morrison connects. Maryse grabs Morrison's coat. Morrison gets distracted, and Dibiase rakes the eyes. Morrison tries to fight back but can't see. Dream Street connects. Forget about it.

Winner : Ted Dibiase (Alright match here. These two could definitely do better with more time, but what we got here was alright)

-Kozlov is walking backstage. Santino tells him they're going to become the greatest tag team ever. Russia and Italy together again. It's going to be like WWII, but without Nazi's. Kozlov says some stuff, ending with his fist in his face.


-We get a video recapping the Nexus beatdown on Cena. Tonight, Cena and Barrett will have to call a truce.

-We get a recap of the Santino/Kozlov stuff from last week. And it's the moment that we've all been waiting for.

Match 2 : Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs William Regal and The Great Khali (w/ Rajin Singh)

That's right, Kozlov and Marella are finally teaming up. Regal grabs a mic. He says they've made an enemy out of him, and he will do whatever it takes to get revenge. He's used his powers of persuasion to get himself a monster. Cole said that Ringh said the things he did last week to try to get Khali to be more aggressive.

Kozlov and Regal start things off. Kozlov locks in a headlock, and eventually gets hit with a shoulderblock. Headbutts to the chest by Kozlov. Santino tags himself in. Santino goes to the first rope and hits an axe handle. Santino misses a kick, and another. Regal looks confused. Santino tells Regal to do something. He's left Santino no choice. Santino sets up the Cobra, but Regal hits a forearm. Knees by Regal, and he follows up with a T-Bone. Here comes Kozlov, but he's met with a barrage of forearms. Kick by Kozlov knocks Regal back. Iron Curtain connects. It's over.


Winners : Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella (This is getting annoying)

Santino hugs Kozlov. Khali gets in the ring. He tells Santino and Kozlov to lift up Regal. Khali hits him with the overhead chop. They all dance with Singh to end this.

Tonight on the Cutting Edge, Jericho and Bourne will be the special guests. And we're going to get the latest update on Ricky Steamboat and the WWE legends next.

-We're back, and Lawler says that The Nexus ruined what was supposed to be a special moment for Ricky Steamboat. That's the action of a bunch of punks. We get a recap of the beatdown. Arn Anderson is in the back. Josh Matthews ask him about the health status of Ricky Steamboat. Anderson says Ricky's bad. It's serious. He's 57, and one of the good guys, and... Sheamus shows up behind him. Sheamus tells him to cry him a river. He used to be the enforcer, but now he's just a pathetic old man. Anderson says he used to be a lot of things, but he wasn't blind and stupid. He asks Sheamus if he knows he's not safe. If he doesn't put his problems aside, the company's going to go up in smoke. Sheamus says he doesn't have any weaknesses, and the difference between all of them and him, is that he's the WWE Champion. Anderson says he's smart enough to know this. Right now Sheamus is the champion, but if he doesn't get together with some of the guys and stop the bleeding, he might become a great white shark patrolling around an empty bottle. Sheamus says he doesn't need anybody, because he's the WWE Champion. Anderson says he doesn't get it and walks off.


-Make sure not to change the channel, because Eve is cashing in her rematch clause later tonight against Alicia. Also, R-Truth will be face The Miz next.

Match 3 : R-Truth vs United States Champion The Miz

For those of you that heard the news that R-Truth would be using a new entrance theme soon, he didn't use it tonight. The Miz comes out and does his own rendition of R-Truth's song, due to popular demand. Miz asks if Truth thinks it's funny. He beat him last time, he was playing possum, because he's the MIz, and he's awes... Miz clocks Truth with the mic. He beats him to the outside. He then slams Truth's arm into the steel steps, and then into the ring post. He pulls Truth shoulder first right into the ringpost. He then kicks the arm of Truth. Miz now snaps the arm back against the ring ropes. Medics are attending to Truth as Miz sits in the ring. We get a recap of the beatdown. He asks Truth how it feels and if it hurts. That's exactly what he wanted it to do. They always say the Truth hurts. Well he bets it hurts a lot. That's going to happen to every single person that steps into the ring with him. He's going to make it hurt. And that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Because he's the Miz, and he's awesome.


-Tomorrow night on NXT, I think they said another rookie will be eliminated, but I could be wrong.

-We get a recap of Miz beating down Truth.

-You Think You Know Me!! Here comes Edge, as we get ready for...

The Cutting Edge

Ladders galore are set up around the ring, with a giant one on the inside. Edge asks for a moment of silence for R-Truth. He only knew one song, but he sung it oh so well. He says Orton's comments are true about Nexus attacking them at Fatal Four Way. He's smarter than Orton though, and everyone else here. Why make 7 enemies when he can make 7 powerful allies. The only thing those guys need are guidance. He's willing to do that because he knows where all of this is heading. In 2 weeks, he's in MITB, and the thing is, the person who grabs that briefcase has always become champion (coughKennedy). He's done it twice, something that neither of his guests have been able to do. Especially a spunky guy with a lot of determination. Ladies and gentlemen, Evan Bourne.

But it's not Bourne, it's Jericho. He comes into the ring. He says he doesn't take a back seat to Evan Bourne or Edge. He knows what he's doing. He's out here pandering to Nexus, hoping they don't attack him again. Jericho was Barrett's pro, his influence and his advice helped him win that season. He told him to make an impact. He likes to think the chaos being caused is due to Chris Jericho's influence. If there's anyone who's going to be a potential adviser, it's going to be Jericho. Edge asks why Nexus would want a guy who could barely beat Evan Bourne. Jericho says he beat him at Wrestlemania. Edge says that his mind wasn't in the right place. The fun is going to begin in two weeks, and he's going to win MITB. He's going to cash in, like after the champ has competed in a cage match. Jericho cuts of Edge, saying Edge wanted to be him when he came into the business. Long hair, championship and talk shows, all he's wanted to be is Chris Jericho. Nobody can knock Jericho off his perch because he's the best and cant be replaced. At MITB, he's going to win the match, become champion and make sure Edge never gets another title match ever again. Edge attacks Jericho. He sets the ladder up in the corner. He goes to throw Jericho into it, but Jericho takes down Edge and locks in the Walls. Bourne comes out and springboards into the ring, taking out Jericho with the knees. Bourne avoids a Spear. He rolls under both guys and leaves the ring. Cole's got another email. The GM has asked if they want to see some action, give him a hell yeah. Clear the ring of the Cutting Edge set, because Jericho and Edge are going to be facing Evan Bourne and his partner...Randy Orton. And here he comes (Orton, not Austin). They get into the ring, and the heels bail. This match is going to get started when we come back.


Match 3 : Edge and Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne and Randy Orton

-We're back, and Bourne and Jericho are starting off. Jericho with forearms to start. He's now choking Bourne in the ropes. Bourne ducks a clothesline and hits the jumping knee. Bourne with that running attack in the corner. Kicks to the leg by Bourne. Here comes Orton. European uppercuts by Orton. Orton's sizing it up. Jericho dives at Edge for the tag. Here he comes. Tie up, and Edge knees Orton. Clothesline by Orton. Knee drop follows. Pin but only two. Snapmare by Orton, and here comes the stomps. Tag to Bourne. Orton drop toe holds Edge and Bourne hits a basement dropkick. Pin but Edge kicks out. Kicks by Bourne. Edge with a kick of his own, and here comes Jericho. Kicks by Bourne to Jericho now. Dropkick connects. Jericho goes to the outside. Baseball slide by Bourne. Plancha follows. Bourne throws Jericho back in the ring, and hits another kick. Bourne goes for a spinkick, but Jericho stops short and hits a clothesline. We're heading to commercial.

We're back and Edge has Bourne in a reverse bear hug. During the commercial, we see Jericho baseball sliding Bourne to the outside. Bourne starts to fight back with the elbows. Kicks by Bourne. Edge catches one and spins Bourne around for the Edge-O-Matic. Pin but only two. Here comes Jericho. Sidewalk slam into a backbreaker by Jericho, and he locks Bourne in the submission. Bourne with the knees to fight out. Both guys are crawling to their corner. Edge gets the tag first and takes out Bourne. Edge goes for a suplex, but Bourne hits him with the knees. Lawler says he's never seen that done before. Apparently he hasn't been paying attention to Raw the last couple of weeks. Spinkick by Bourne, and both guys are down. Jericho gets the tag, and so does Orton. Clotheslines, and a vintage scoop slam. Jericho's on the apron. Orton kicks him and hits the hangmans DDT. Orton's hyping up the RKO. Edge runs in but Orton fights him off. Running enzuigiri by Jericho takes Orton out. Tag to Edge. Edge now stomping the shoulder. Tag to Jericho. Jericho's now choking Orton in the corner. Orton starts to fight back, but runs right into a dropkick. Pin but only two. Jericho snapmares Orton and locks in a sleeper. Ask him. Orton fights out with the elbows. It's not enough though as Jericho hits the bulldog. Lionsault doesn't connect as Orton rolls out of the way. Jericho goes for the tag, and Edge reluctantly tags in. Bourne's in and hits a running hurricanrana, followed by a dropkick. Huge liger kick by Bourne. Bourne goes for a springboard crossbody, but Edge gets a boot. Jericho gets the tag and yells at Edge. Jumping heel kick by Bourne kills Jericho though. SPEAR TO JERICHO!!! Edge walks away. Bourne's gonna capatalize though as he goes to the top. AIRBOURNE!!! 1...2...3!


Winners : Evan Bourne and Randy Orton (Good tag match here that got a good amount of time. The tension shown between Edge and Jericho was great, and the Bourne push continues while Orton was there for the ride. Great way to hype up MITB)

Bourne celebrates the win. RKO TO BOURNE!!!

-We get a recap of the Nexus beating down Cena again (they're really short, so it's not bad). They hype up the Cena/Barrett confrontation for later tonight.

-Orton's in the back, and see's Otunga, Slater and Tarver. Otunga says he wants to talk. He says they know they attacked him at Fatal Four Way because they were making a statement. They're trying to apologize. They will not interfere in MITB. Depending on how the truce goes, they're not sure they can say the same thing about Sheamus/Cena. They do know that the champion is going to be in a vulnerable position, and if whoever wins the MITB contract, they can make sure there isn't a new champion. They want to make sure Orton thinks about this. Orton says he's heard what they had to say, now get out of his face. They walk off.

-Cole and Lawler run down the MITB card
*United States Champion The Miz vs Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne vs Edge vs Randy Orton vs John Morrison vs Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase vs ? – Money in the Bank Ladder match
**R-Truth has been pulled from MITB as he's no longer able to compete.
*Matt Hardy vs Cody Rhodes vs Big Show vs Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Christian vs Kane – Money in the Bank Ladder match
*Rey Mysterio(C) vs Jack Swagger – World Heavyweight Championship
*John Cena vs Sheamus(C) – Steel Cage match – WWE Championship


-Josh Matthews is in the back. He's said that there will be another championship match at MITB. The Hart Dynasty will defend the titles against Jimmy and Jay Uso. The Uso's now show up. They says this is exactly what they've been waiting for. He bets his brother 1 grand if Matthews doesn't know which one they're talking to. Matthews doesn't know. Tamina says she'll educate him. They totally understand, as he's just like the Hart Dynasty, ignorant. In 2 weeks, they'll be the new unified tag team champions. Next week, he'll know exactly what the Uso's are all about. They walk off, and Alica shows up. She says it's been 2 weeks since she won the title, and she hasn't been interviewed once. Is it because the Diva's champion isn't worth any of her time. Josh is lucky to be in her presence. No, at Fatal Four Way, it was not a fluke that she went home with the title. If he doesn't believe it, watch what she does to Eve.

-The Summerslam Recall shows us Davey Boy Smith facing Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam 1992.

Match 4 : Alica Fox(C) vs Eve – WWE Diva's Championship

We get a recap of Alicia winning the belt at Fatal Four Way.

Tie up to start, and Alicia hits the forearms. Eve flips over a backdrop attempt and hits a dropkick, and another. Clothesline follows. Pin but only two. Eve throws Alicia across the ring. Alicia grabs her knee knee. The ref backs Eve off. Alicia says she's alright. Knee by Alicia in the corner, and she hits the Axe Kick. Pin and that's all.


Winner : Alicia Fox (McNew would have loved this)

-We get a recap of Nexus beating down Cena, hyping up the Barrett/Cena confrontation.

-The main event confrontation is up next!

- Back from commercial and out comes Wade Barrett to the ring, representing Nexus. Barrett takes the mic and says John Cena needs to understand everything they've done has a purpose. Barrett asks Cena to come out so they can shake hands like men. Cena's music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

Barrett tells Cena that he is not in the future plans of Nexus. Barrett says he's representing Nexus because he wants to shake Cena's hand and put everything behind them. Barrett wants to move on. He says the Nexus is going to be here for a long time. They can make Cena's life real easy, or harder than it has been. Barrett says the choice is Cena's. Cena says if they shake hands right now, this stops. Cena goes to shake Barrett's hand but pulls it away. Cena says why stop when they're having so much fun. Cena says he looks to the future and cuts a silly promo.

Cena tells Barrett he can take his future plans and shove them up his Nexus. Cena says he looks forward to the future. Cena says the future is him taking down every single member of Nexus. Cena says whether he does it alone or with help, he will take them all out. Barrett says what they've done to Cena in the past is nothing compared what they can do to him in the future. Barrett says this is Cena's last chance. Shake his hand or face severe consequences. Cena drop the mic as Barrett extends his hand. Cena grabs Barrett and raises him for the Attitude Adjustment. Wade slides out as Nexus storms the ring and beats Cena down. Evan Bourne runs down to help but they beat him down too. John Morrison is out next but he goes down also. Mark Henry comes out, bringing The Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust, The Hart Dynasty and others. The RAW and Nexus stars brawl in the ring. Nexus retreats as Darren Young is left in the ring. The e-mail alert goes off and Cole has an announcement from the GM. The GM says he wanted peace and if this don't stop, there will be consequences. Cena locks the STF on Young. The alert goes off again. The GM says because of Cena's actions, he will face Nexus in a 7-on-1 handicap match last week. Young starts to crawl out of the ring but Cena unloads on him. Cena stomps and punches on Young and hits a big clothesline. Cena goes outside and gets the steel steps. Young is also on the outside after more punishment from Cena. Cena throws Young into the WWE crew chairs at ringside. Cena tips the announcer's table over on Young and gets back in the ring. Cena mouths "6 on 1" and poses for the fans in the corner. RAW goes off the air.