WWE & TNA News: Dixie Carter, Angle, Rayne, The Rock

– A video trailer for The Rock's new movie The Other Guys, in which he stars with Mark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell and Steve Coogan, can be seen at https://www.puremovies.co.uk/trailers/the-other-guys/


– You can hear Kurt Angle and Madison Rayne's appearance on New York's WFAN Radio at https://www.wfan.com/

– Dixie Carter posted the following to Facebook: "Congrats to TNA Xplosion. The show's new format was just launched, and In its 1st week, it was the 4th highest rated show in all Sports Channels in Australia. Thanks Australia.... And yes, we are working on a tour down under. "

– TNA launched a Facebook page for its toy line at https://www.facebook.com/TNAtoys They have also brought back their Street Team under the name TNA Nation as we noted yesterday.