Batista Talks About Fighting Cancer And How He Got Started With The Project

As we reported yesterday, former WWE superstar & six-time World Heavyweight Champion, Dave Bautista, joined the Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network to officially announce the launch of "Batista vs. Cancer," in association with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) & South of France Natural Body Care.


The "Batista vs. Cancer" video was shot and filmed over the past two years, and contains footage of Dave in "Our Nation's Capital" Washington D.C. (in front of The White House and Lincoln Memorial), in New York City (the middle of Times Square and Madison Square Garden), along with many other famous locales, in addition to containing footage of Dave working out, training with Affliction, and competing in a wrestling match against a masked heel ("Cancer").

"I made this for my wife. I've watched her suffer for years and go through this treatment. Anybody who knows that if you've had a loved one that you've watched go through treatment for cancer, they're fighting for their life. You're just helpless, there's absolutely nothing you can do. I'm a fighter. It kills me to not fight something. And so I was trying to think of some way that I could help. That's what I did. We are putting up this fight for everyone who's got cancer. I want people to help and get involved in this, whatever they can give, whatever they can donate. It doesn't matter. There's no such thing as a donation that's too small. We want everyone in this fight. This is the best I could do to really help Angie and show that I was in the fight with her," said Bautista in his exclusive comments given to "Your Home of Wrestling Radio."


"Batista vs. Cancer" was released Monday night on YouTube, you can check it out below.