Earlier today, a fake Hulk Hogan Twitter account sent out several messages saying that Hogan had several meetings with TNA and a “mutual decision” between TNA and Hogan-Bischoff was made to end the relationship. Bischoff had promoted the fake Hogan Twitter account on his own Twitter account yesterday, leading several wrestling news sites – including us – to run with the story. Bubba the Love Sponge even confirmed the report on his Twitter account.

Eric Bischoff, who last night was touting the Twitter account as the real one for Hogan, posted on his Twitter page today that the Hulk Hogan Twitter page is a fake, writing “The Hogan twitter site that I posted is a fake one. Hulk IS getting a Twitter page up, but the most recent post is a fake. I will post the REAL page info as soon as we get it. Sorry for the confusion. The Hulk Hogan twitter posts are fake. Hulk IS in the process of setting up a page, but has not as yet. The rumors of us leaving TNA are bogus.”

Dixie Carter has since taken to her Twitter and responded to the report, writing, “Recent twitter of Hulk Hogan leaving TNA is bogus. To what extreme people will go.”