Hardcore Justice: Axl Rotten And Kahoneys (The Former Balls Mahoney) Vs. Team 3D W/ Joel Gertner

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Axl Rotten and Kahoneys (the former Balls Mahoney) vs. Team 3D w/ Joel Gertner

The fans chanted "Ballz" when "Kahoneys" was introduced. Kahoneys took the mic and said that they were the most hardcore, extreme tag team in the history of the business and they don't have a match. They issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Joel Gertner is heard saying "Well, well, well" and Team 3-D came out in their old school gear.

Gertner did his usual great promo. Gertner introduced Team 3D as the best tag team ever and the crowd chanted "Dudleyz." Bubba took the mic and asked Axl and Balls to get in the ring. Bubba said the fans don't want to see a 'wrestling match', and let's give fans what they want to see, a South Philadelphia street fight. Axl and Kahoneys quickly obliged and we are underway.

Bubba and Kahoneys took it to the outside while Devon and Axl battled in the ring. They traded places, with Bubba and Kahoneys in the center of the ring, and Taz accidentally called Kahoneys "Balls", only to be quickly corrected by Mike Tenay. All four men continued to brawl around the ring. They then went into the stands and battled through the crowd. They used tame weapons in the crowd, like beverages and Al Snow heads. Fans chanted "ECW." I smell a lawsuit coming TNA's way.

Both teams started brawling back to the ring with Team 3D getting the better of Axl and Kahoneys. They made it back to the ring and Bubba grabbed some weapons from under the ring. Kahoneys nailed Bubba with a series of punches, and was met with a frying pan from Bubba. Bubba then grabbed a cookie sheet, but Axl took it away and nailed Bubba over the head with it. Axl then turned his attention to Devon, and Kahoneys grabbed a toy light saber. Bubba grabbed one as well and they traded, well, I guess sword shots. As Kahoneys went for a series of punches, Bubba crotched Axl with the light saber and nailed him with an elbow. Axl got back in the ring and hit Bubba with an inverted DDT for a two count.

Devon hit Axl with a neckbreaker for a two count. Dueling "We want tables/We want fire" chants broke out. All four men grabbed chairs, and Axl and Kahoneys nailed Team 3D with weak chair shots for a two count. Axl and Kahoneys turned their attention to the ref, only for Team 3D to recover and nail Axl and Kahoneys with chair shots for another two count. "Whazzzup" on Kahoneys, and then Bubba asked Devon to get the tables. Devon brought a table in the ring and Gertner handed Bubba some lighter fluid. They lit the table on fire and powerbombed Axl through the flaming table to get the three count and the win.

Team 3D defeated Axl Rotten and Kahoneys via pinfall

After the match, Bubba took the mic and said that they were the greatest tag team in wrestling. The Gangstas music hit and Mustafa Saaed and New Jack came out with a bunch of weapons. They beatdown Team 3D with everything including the kitchen sink.

The Gangstas went through a whole slew of weapons including a kitchen sink, a hockey puck and of course, a guitar, which New Jack laid Gertner out with. After laying Gertner out, all four men stared at each other and then hugged. Axl and Balls got back in the ring and they all raised each others arms.


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