Hardcore Justice: Brother Runt Vs. Al Snow Vs. Rhino

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Brother Runt vs. Al Snow vs. Rhino

Match opened with a stereo headlock, followed by Snow being knocked out of the ring. Rhino motioned for a gore, but his foot was caught by Snow outside of the ring. Snow hit a backbreaker on Runt, and Rhino came back in the ring and nailed Snow.

Rhino charged at Runt, but Runt sidestepped and Rhino went to the outside. Runt came off the top rope onto Snow and Rhino, but they caught him and tossed Runt up on the stage.

Back in the ring, Snow nailed Rhino with several headbutts to the chest and a moonsault off of the top rope, but only got a two count. Several members of the TNA roster were shown watching backstage. Rhino regained the advantage and suplexed Snow, and Runt got back in the match and nailed Snow with a double stomp from the top rope.

Runt was tossed outside of the ring again. The referee got knocked out and Snow nailed Rhino with head. Runt grabbed a chair and threw it at Snow and played dead. Snow then threw the chair to the mat and played dead himself. The ref came to and threw the chair out of the ring. Snow went to hit Runt with head, but Runt nailed Snow with his RKO to eliminate Snow. Rhino immediately nailed Runt with a gore and followed up with the pin to win the match.

Rhino defeated Al Snow and Brother Runt.


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