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CW Anderson vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Scorpio got a good reaction from the crowd. Scorpio and Anderson locked up and they hit a couple of moves and counters. Scorpio offered Anderson his hand, but Anderson spit on it. Scorpio went back on offense with a nice dropkick that knocked Anderson out of the ring, and then nailed Anderson with a corkscrew from the ring to the outside.

Anderson got back in the ring and Scorpio nailed him with a cross body block and got a two count. Scorpio charged Anderson but was met with a superkick and got a two count. Anderson started stomping on Scorpio and threw him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Scorpio was temporarily able to gain the advantage with several shots, but Anderson regained the advantage with a big punch and got another two count.

Anderson and Scorpio went on to trade a bunch of near falls. Scorpio caught Anderson with a kick to the head and then followed up with a 450 splash from the second rope and got a two count. Scorpion then went for a moonsault, but was caught by knees to the gut and a spinebuster. Anderson went for a cover but only got two. A 'Scorpio' chant broke out. Anderson laid into Scorpio with right hands, but was met with a superkick from Scorpio. Scorpio then hit a modified moonsault where he landed into a leg drop and got the three count!

Too Cold Scorpio defeated CW Anderson via pinfall.

After the bout Scorpio offered his hand and Anderson accepted. Scorpio raised Anderson's hand and they celebrated.