Hardcore Justice: P.J. Polaco (The Former Justin Credible) Vs. Stevie Richards

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P.J. Polaco (the former Justin Credible) vs. Stevie Richards (with Nova and the Blue Meanie)

The fans chanted "Justin Credible" during the ring introductions and the opening moments of the match. Richards knocked P.J. down with a tackle and celebrated. Both men then traded chops, and Richards threw Polaco crotch first into the corner in the steel post. PJ went out of the ring and Richards followed. PJ gained the advantage and suplexed Richards on the outside, then he went inside the ring and came crashing down on Richards outside the ring with a splash.

PJ got Richards back in the ring and started kicking away on Richards. PJ continued his assault and nailed Richards with a DDT to get a two count. Richards was able to turn the tables and regain the advantage. Richards nailed PJ with punches, kicks and a backbreaker and then followed up with a weak powerbomb to get a two count. Richards did a crotch shop from the second rope and came flying off, only to be met with a superkick from PJ.

PJ hit Richards with a spinning tombstone, but got off of Richards when Meanie climbed on the apron. Richards then nailed PJ with a superkick to get the pin.

Stevie Richards defeated P.J. Polaco by pinfall

After the match, PJ nailed Richards with a singapore cane and then started wailing away on him. The lights went out and The Sandman is in the ring when they came back on. The Sandman then nailed PJ with a hard cane shot across the head.


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