Hardcore Justice: Rob Van Dam Vs. Sabu

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Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

Bill Alfonso came out with RVD, then ran to the back and came in with Sabu (sans the hair) as well. The match was announced as a non-title match.

The crowd chanted "This is classic" at the onset of the match. Both men started of hot right from the start, as Sabu nailed the springboard splash to the outside of the ring early. Sabu dominated the opening moments of the match, and applied a camel clutch on RVD while using the chair. He then went to springboard off the chair onto RVD in a corner, but RVD kicked the chair and Sabu crashed to the mat. RVD then monkey flipped Sabu on the chair. RVD threw the chair at Sabu and got a two count.

Sabu regained the advantage springing off the ropes and hitting RVD with a clothesline. Sabu continued to stay on offense. Both men both tried to spring off the ropes, but tried it at the same time and they both crashed to the mat. Alfonso came in the ring and gave both Sabu and RVD a bottle of water. Saby and RVD then both grabbed tables from under the ring and started battling outside of the ring. RVD nailed Sabu with a kick and front suplexed Sabu on the guardrail and nailed Sabu with a corkscrew legdrop from the apron.

RVD positioned Sabu on a table right on the edge of the ring and nailed Sabu with another corkscrew legdrop on Sabu. RVD went for a pin and got a two count. RVD sprung to the ropes, but Alfonso threw a chair to Sabu who threw it at RVD's head. Sabu nailed RVD with a hurricarana on the chair and then locked in another camel clutch. Sabu setup a chair in the center of the ring and went to spring off it, only to be planted face first into it. RVD then crotched Sabu on the top rope and asked Alfonso to place the chair in front of Sabu's head. Alfonso held it, and RVD climbed to the top rope and kicked the chair into Sabu's skull. RVD hit the split-legged moonsault and got a two count.

RVD grabbed a table and set it up, only to be nailed with a couple of chair shots from Sabu. Sabu went to throw RVD in the corner, but RVD reversed and kicked Sabu. RVD placed a chair on Sabu and hit rolling thunder and went for another pinfall attempt, but only got a two count. RVD took a chair and dropkicked it into Sabu in the corner and got another two count.

Both men continued to brawl and Sabu nailed RVD with a twisting DDT into a chair and got another two count. Sabu hit the Arabian face buster from the second rope, but only got two again. Sabu then put RVD on a table and came off with a chair, but RVD moved out of the way. RVD then nailed Sabu with a five-star frog splash from the top rope to win the match.

Rob Van Dam defeated Sabu via pinfall.


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