Hardcore Justice: Tommy Dreamer Vs. Raven W/ Mick Foley As Referee

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Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven w/ Mick Foley as referee

Beulah was shown at ringside with her daughters witting with Dixie Carter. Raven went by her and whispered something to her. Tommy Dreamer then hit the ring.

Raven opened the match nailing Dreamer in the family jewels and taking the fight to Dreamer, beating up on Dreamer outside of the ring. Raven got Dreamer back in the ring, but Dreamer was able to turn the tides and started punching away. Dreamer continued his assault on Raven outside of the ring as Raven smiled. Dreamer spit soda in Raven's face and dragged Raven back into the ring. Dreamer setup a couple of chairs and went to suplex Raven through them, but Raven reversed and hit a drop toe-hold, driving Dreamer into the chairs.

Dreamer went outside the ring and Raven started nailing Dreamer with chair shots in front of Beulah and their girls. Raven continued to punch away at Dreamer, who was busted open. Raven threw Dreamer into the ringside steps, smashed him into face first into the steps and then threw him back in the ring.

Raven threw Dreamer into the ropes, but Dreamer was able to drop Raven on a chair with a drop toe hold of his own. Dreamer then grabbed a sign from ringside and nailed Raven upside the head with it, causing Raven to be split open. Dreamer then suplexed Raven on the sign, and then grabbed a ladder from under the ring. Dreamer started biting Raven and then catapulted Raven into a ladder that was setup in the corner. Dreamer then placed Raven on the top rope and setup a ladder on the second rope. Dreamer climbed on the ladder and went for a suplex, but Raven reversed the suplex and drove Dreamer through the ladder. Raven went for a DDT, but Tommy reversed it into a Dreamer Driver. Dreamer decided not to go for the pin and tied Raven up in the corner. He placed the sign in front of Raven's first and then did a flying dropkick into the sign.

Dreamer went under the ring and grabbed some barb wire. Raven applied a cross face with the barb wire. Raven looked like he was about to tap, but Nova and the Blue Meanie hit the ring. They attacked Mick Foley as Raven tapped. Meanie went to splash Dreamer from the top rope but missed and Dreamer took out Meanie and Nova.

Raven recovered and hit Dreamer with a DDT, but only got a two count. Raven pushed Mick Foley, and Foley started punching away on Raven and pulled out the sock. Foley tied in the mandible claw. "Raven's lackey" hit the ring and hit Dramer with a legdrop from the top rope. Foley wrapped his sock in barb wire and then locked in the mandible claw on Raven's lackey as the crowd chanted "Holy sh--". Foley fought the lackey to the back.

Back in the ring, Raven handcuffed Dreamer and hit Dreamer on the back with the chair. Before he could hit him again, Beulah came into the ring and begged Raven to stop. She hugged Raven, but Raven did it anyway. Raven went to hit Beulah with the chair, but Foley blocked him. Raven then hit Foley with the chair. Raven went to Beulah, who nailed him in the crotch. Dreamer then managed to hit Raven with a DDT while in handcuffs, but only got a two count.

Raven hit Raven in the leg with the chair and then DDT'd Dreamer on the chair to finally get the three count and win the match. Easily the best thing on the show so far.

Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer with Mick Foley as referee


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