Jim Ross has another new blog entry up. Highlights are below.

On the new WWE logo: New WWE logo…I haven’t a clue as to where or why this has become an item but we’ve gotten lots of emails on this matter. Bottom line is I know zilch about the subject. I am not ‘logo man’ but I have been referred to as ‘pronoun boy’ a time or two.

On the new WWE video game: THQ…I recorded over 1,000 lines of copy this week alone for the new WWE All Star game. It’s the most unique production that I’ve ever worked on in the video game world. It features an all star roster of some of the greatest stars from the 80’s through today. Lots of magnificent talent and lots of egos. 🙂 Seriously, the opportunity to create some classic ‘dream matches’ makes this high tech game a potential hit when it’s released in 2011.

On Mr. Wrestling II: Mr. Wrestling 2…apparently will have open heart surgery in Charlotte imminently. Johnny “Rubberman” Walker was a solid, fundamentally sound journeyman grappler who became a major star with national appeal thanks to TBS when he donned the white mask and became Mr. Wrestling 2. His ‘Million Dollar Knee Lift’ was a simplistic yet signature finishing maneuver. John started buying property in Hawaii in the 50’s and resides there now. Please keep “2” in your prayers.