Lance Cade's Father Comments On Linda McMahon's Statement spoke with Harley McNaught, the father of Lance Cade, and he was not happy when Linda McMahon said that "I might have met him once," in regards to his son. Here is what he had to say…

"I've been with him on two different WWE functions where she came up to him and knew him by name. She disrespected him. She disrespected my family."

"[Lance] would have cut his arm off for Vince McMahon, but it wasn't there in return. He don't care any more than the man in the moon for them, other than as dollar signs."

Ed Patru of Linda McMahon's political campaign countered with the following statement…

"WWE has nearly 600 employees and about 140 performers, and I think it's understandable that Linda may not recollect every interaction she's had, particularly given the fact that she's personally met with thousands of voters since resigning her position at WWE in September. Linda's a very kind and sympathetic person, but she is human. It certainly wasn't Linda's intent to diminish any additional interaction she may have had."


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