Lance Cade-Linda McMahon, Danielson Bookings Off, More

-- has an article up on the passing of Lance Cade, and mentions that the death could impact Linda's campaign.

-- Bryan Danielson will not be making his scheduled independent appearance on September 18th for MWF in New England. He also is out of the September 28th appearance for the NYWC in Long Island, NY. Both promotions have announced that Danielson has been pulled due to his WWE commitments. It is believed that Danielson was making in the area of $1,500 per appearance for his independent appearances.

-- Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker is set for open-heart surgery tomorrow. You can send get well wished to the following address:

Attn: Johnny Walker
8800 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28262

Source: PWInsider


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