Linda/Stephanie McMahon Chants, Ratings News, & More

-- has a story on Linda McMahon entitled WWE just a 'soap opera'. It is titled as such due to the Republican Senate candidate referring to World Wrestling Entertainment as a soap opera upon being asked on Nightline if she was "creeped out" by an instance in which her daughter Stephanie walked into the ring as the crowd chanted "slut." "You have to think about... the WWE as soap operas," McMahon replied. "It was acting and WWE is the longest-running weekly episodic program in television. Sure, there are story lines that are better than others," she said, adding that voters in Connecticut "are not concerned about soap opera story lines."

-- Last week's cable ratings saw USA at a 2.6, giving them a a big lead on TNT who had a 1.9 average. SyFy was 15th with a 0.9 and Spike was 22nd with a 0.7. RAW's two hours were #8 and #9 overall, but #2 and #5 in the 18-49 demographic behind Jersey Shore 2.

-- Linda McMahon was the top trending topic on Yahoo yesterday afternoon.


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