diegov211 sent this in: Gamestop.com and WWE has a $20 discount special on the Survivor Series or Tables, Ladder, Chairs PPVs when you preorder Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011.

Tom Van Stone passed this along: A New Britain, CT, soda company named Avery’s (https://www.averysoda.com) is known for creating soda flavors in the likenesses of politicians running for office in Connecticut. The gimmick assumes that people will purchase the flavor that represents the politician they support, thus creating a virtual “straw poll” of sorts.

— WWE star John Cena is slated to appear on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on NBC next Thursday, September 2. Cena is expected to be promoting the new WWE Studios film “Legendary.”

— The result of a preliminary autopsy on Luna Vachon is expected to be completed later today. Vachon, 48, was found dead early on Friday morning.

— Former WWE stars Kizarny and The Kat (married in real-life) recently surfaced in Ohio Valley Wrestling.