Serena's sudden release from World Wrestling Entertainment is being compared to Mickie James' dismissal from the organization earlier this year as both involved matters concerning behavioral problems on the road.

Serena had been warned several times by management to tighten up her road behavior as she was putting her job at risk. It ultimately reached a point where WWE had no choice but to let her go, just as a big push was planned no less.

It is said that the episode of WWE SmackDown! in which Serena was caught drinking alcohol at a bar was designed to send a message to her. An irate CM Punk immediately chastised her following the airing of the video, but she was forgiven the following week. Luke Gallows, however, refused to follow suit and walked out on his fellow Straight Edge Society members.

News of her departure from WWE is being kept under wraps internally, but an announcement is expected to be made this weekend after WWE SmackDown! airs on Friday. The show was taped last Wednesday in California.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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