NXT Rating, Undertaker Vs. Kane, Shane Douglas On Hardcore Justice

?- Last night's episode of WWE NXT did a 0.86 cable rating with 1,122,000 viewers, down from the 1.01 cable rating and 1,431,000 viewers it drew last week.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the Undertaker may face Kane at Night of Champions on September 19th, and then have a rematch at the Hell in a Cell PPV in October. Either way, I would expect The Undertaker to appear at SummerSlam next weekend.


– Shane Douglas continues to take offense at him being featured in the ECW promo piece that TNA released, and lashed out about the video on his website, writing, "CLEARLY, this video intended to mislead wrestling fans, most certainly ECW fans! That said, I have to question tna's motive(s) in placing ANY shot of me in their promotional pieces?! tna is overly aware that we have NOT come to terms for any participation by ECW's centerpiece 'Franchise' in 'Hardcore Justice'! So, either they are trying to deceive potential ppv buyers (namely ECW fans), or they must be willing to meet my only demand for the event- Dic Flair on a silver platter! This was the biggest angle, teased to our loyal fanbase, that never came "to a head" in ECW. Unless I'm missing the mark, I feel VERY STRONGLY that this IS a match our fanbase, and tna's, would tune in to see. Too bad, thus far, tna seems to be following their now-tired trend of ignoring their fans' desires!!!


I stand prepared to take part in the 'final bow' of this great organization. I only demand that our fans get what they deserve- Dic Flair and The Franchise, face to face, for their enjoyment!

Balls in your, and tna's (Dixie?) court! What do you fans think? Or, more importantly, what do you fans want? Surely, the Carter's want to aim to please... RIGHT?!"

You can check out the full statement by clicking here.