Report: Divisiveness In TNA W/ Roster Members

There is said to be a lot of divisiveness within the TNA locker room between talent who have been there for years and those new to the roster. One exception is Ric Flair who has been described as getting along with just about everyone on both sides. Hulk Hogan is not overly disliked, but many feel they brought him in with high hopes, hasn't improved business and isn't very dedicated to TNA.

Many of the talent who have been with TNA for years were not fans of bringing in the ECW talent and putting a lot of focus on them. One member of the roster new to the company, Rob Van Dam, has been very outspoken about the difference he feels he has made along with Jeff Hardy. RVD made some comments recently that some found had interesting timing now that he is taking some time off from the company.

Rob Van Dam wrote, "I'd imagine a lot of the old TNA guys are feeling like they're taking a back seat. The thing can't argue with numbers. Last week TNA broke new all-time records for ratings! TNA needed a change. The 6-sided ring and the great technical wrestlers?that nobody knew?wasn't working. TNA brought in two rock stars, and look at the company now! Dixie often points out how hiring Jeff Hardy and RVD started a whole new era, why do some of the wrestlers not see it? Too young, too green, too selfish to have the correct perspective. Whereas some of the TNA `stars' are lucky to get recognized walking around the studios, Jeff and myself live like actual celebrities, signing autographs and taking pictures EVERYWHERE we go. Without experiencing this, it's probably hard to imagine. In fact, very few wrestlers stick out in people's minds the way that Jeff and I do. WE love our fans and we love their love. TNA is blowing up. Good things will come our way and I see it all happening now. This is a very exciting time. More people watching TNA means more people exposed to the other wrestlers on the card long as they're good enough to hang around with the rising standards."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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