The body of Lance Cade (Lance McNaught) was discovered by his father earlier this morning. Multiple sources are indicating heart failure as the cause of death, although nothing is exactly official until the autopsy report comes back in a few weeks.

Two family members believed there was something wrong with Cade over the past week, including his wife Tracy who noticed he didn’t look healthy and that he was having trouble breathing. Cade was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night and he was later released on Wednesday. He had asked to be released from the hospital on Wednesday claiming he was fine and felt well.

One interesting note is that once he returned home, he later left and never returned. There is a lot of speculation as to where he went and what he got. We’re not going to report anything until we can get it absolutely confirmed. It’s just not right to speculate so please give us some time to get the facts.

His father, Harley McNaught, noticed that Cade showed up at his work on Thursday and was not looking good at all. He later went to Cade’s home in San Antonio, TX and discovered he had passed away. Cade was not believed to have been drinking although there may have been other issues.

McNaught was a student of Shawn Michaels, who he idolized, and had several runs with WWE since signing with the company in 2000 shortly after finishing his training and working for a promotion run by Michaels in the San Antonio area.

He was released from WWE in October 2008 after an incident on an airplane where he had a seizure, believed to have been due to use of either pain killers or muscle relaxers, and had to be taken off the plane. He was then fired.

While McNaught was initially upset about his 2008 release, saying others had done worse and not lost their jobs, he eventually came to grips with it in an interview where he said he only had himself to blame.

McNaught had two young daughters and a stepson that he’s left behind. So sad.

On behalf of everyone here on we would like to send our condolences to the friends and family of Lance McNaught.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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