TMZ acquired the police report from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office filed in regard to former World Wrestling Entertainment performer Gertrude "Luna" Vachon's death on Friday. The following was noted:

* Vachon was actually found dead in her own temporary home, not her mother's home. Investigators say they discovered a box containing crushed Oxycodone pills near a snorting straw. The box containing Oxycodone was beside a pile of "blue, chalky debris next to a small straw" in Luna's kitchen.

* "Multiple prescription bottles and miscellaneous unsecured pills" were discovered in the master bedroom alongside a small plate containing more pill residue and another snorting straw.

* Vachon's mother the person who discovered the body told police that her daughter "often appeared 'medicated' as she suffered from several wrestling injuries."

* An autopsy has been completed and the official cause of death is expected to be determined within the next few weeks.