— The new TNA signing today is likely either Carlito or Mickie James. TNA president Dixie Carter recently attended a Mickie concert and had a meeting with her. The two seemed to have hit it off well. Carlito’s no-compete clause expired several days ago as well and ‘The Pope’ all but spoiled it with his tweet. We shall see soon but it’s likely one of them. Shelton Benjamin is also a possibility but a fairly low one at that.

— Mary Michael, who is the agent for Mickie James, said recently “To lay the rumors to rest, as of yet I can confirm that Mickie James has not signed a deal with TNA.” Take that for what it’s worth.

— Mickey Garagiola, the former ring announcer for Wrestling At The Chase from St. Louis, passed away today at the age of 89. The condolences of all of us here on the website go to his family, friends and fans. This is just getting ridiculous now.