The Blue Meanie's Statement On No-Showing HardCORE Justice

Conspicuous by his absence last night at HardCORE Justice was The Blue Meanie. Though he appeared in a pre-taped video run during the pay-per-view broadcast, he was unable to appear at the show itself. Ultimately, an imposter named The Blue Tilly was used in his place for the reunion of the Blue World Order.

The former ECW star posted the following message on his Facebook account explaining why he missed HardCORE Justice:

"Why I couldn't be @ TNA "Hardcore Justice"

Well, now that my promo finally aired on TNA "Hardcore Justice"l I can FINALLY tell you that YES I was indeed invited to TNA's "Hardcore Justice" PPV by Tommy Dreamer as I mentioned in my video promo. BUT, I had a personal responsibility in Philly today to take care of prior to going on my vacation on Monday the 9th. Plus with how my vacation was planned it would have cost a pretty penny to rearrange reservations on such short notice that would have cost me a LOT of money. I tried many solutions but was stuck in a jam (mmmm Jam). Hence, I couldn't partake in the event. It absolutely GUTTED me (and that's a lot of gut!) when I heard the initial reports of a possible "family reunion" and that wasn't going to be able to attend. I tried a couple solutions but to no avail. I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to do a promo via videotape so I could STILL be involved in this event.

It means the world to me to be remembered. To the fans. THANK YOU! I would have said something sooner but I was asked to not say whether I was asked or not asked as to keep some sort of mystery around the event. I like to keep the last remaining parts (if there are any) of kayfabe alive lol. Not that the digital age made it any easier to keep hush hush. With everyone asking and me I had to no sell your questions. Sorry. I appreciate all the people asking whether I was going to attend. 98.5% of you were genuine and 1.5% came off more like they were more interested in breaking it as "newz" on there facebook's, twitters, myspaces, blogs or whatever. It WASN'T a "no show" as some sites went and reported. A no show actually involves TNA giving me a plane ticket, expecting me to be there in person and me then me intentionally not showing up.

Hopefully if this event is successful enough maybe there could be more down the line? I dunno. It's all up to you who WANT it and DEMAND it. If you want me "seek revenge" on the guy doing a parody of me. DEMAND IT. It is a beautiful thing the the "little promotion that could" is still yearned for all these years later. Again, it made me feel good to be remembered. I love all of you the fans, I love all the guys I spent all those years with and as SLIGHTLY jaded I may be from time to time. I truly DO love wrestling. Most of thanks to TNA and Dixie Carter for having the "family reunion" tonight.

Brian aka The Blue Meanie aka Da' Blue Guy etc. etc. etc.


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