— An interview with Tommy Dreamer is available at https://www.scrippsnews.com/node/55651 Dreamer promotes Hardcore Justice. He says that “More than half of these guys are going to enjoy this pay-per-view a lot more because they’re sober. It’s their chance as part of a 12-step program where they can say they really did accomplish something in life.” He also commented on WWE’s ECW revival, saying “I don’t think anyone could ever recapture that (original ECW) magic. I love the fact a lot of guys got the opportunity to come up and be on television, but it wasn’t what the fans wanted. I look at it like when the XFL (football league) came out. People were so hyped up. When they finally started watching it, they realized the reasons why these guys weren’t in the NFL. With ECW, people said, ‘This guy couldn’t beat The Sandman or Sabu.’ The ratings dropped and dropped.”— TNA’s action figure line is starting to hit stores. The company is also launching a series of replica belts for kids through Jakks Pacific.

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