Why Simon Diamond Worked HardCORE Justice, IMPACT! Preview

-- The Miami Herald has an interview up with Simon Diamond where he talks about the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV, saying he only worked it so he could team with his partner Johnny Swinger one last time and because he was moved by Tommy Dreamer's passion for the show. Here's what he said about the criticisms of the show: "If people bought that pay-per-view expecting to see great wrestling, then they were delusional. The guys are older. The guys are heavier. The body is not meant to do what it is that we do to it. Of course, there's going to be a decline in the wrestling, but it was nostalgia. I go see the Yankees Old Timers' Day all the time, and I go to see my hero Reggie Jackson. You know what? Reggie Jackson's probably shrunk about three inches since his playing days. He still looks good physically. He's bald, and he doesn't look like the Reggie Jackson I grew up with, but it doesn't matter to me. He's still Reggie Jackson. Now, he's not out there playing baseball and embarrassing himself, but the match I had was for entertainment purposes only like you see on the pro football betting cards you buy. At the bottom it says, `for entertainment purposes only,' and that's exactly what that match was about. If people are going to sit there and say, `the wrestling this and the wrestling that,' you are delusional, and you're the person listening to Rush as opposed to going to see KISS live.' Everyone did a good job. The main thing was everyone was really having fun, really having fun,'' he said. ``That's what it was about. It was about going out there and having fun. We weren't digging ditches. We weren't delivering the mail, which is a good job. We weren't sitting behind a desk. We weren't wearing a tie. We were having fun, and that's what it was all about.''

-- Here are the upcoming DVD releases from WWE and TNA:

* TNA Slammiversary August 24th
* WWE Summerslam September 14th
* WWE Chris Jericho DVD Set September 21st
* TNA Best Of The Asylum Years Vol. 1 September 21st
* WWE's Highest Flyers October 12th
* WWE Night of Champions October 19th
* TNA Wrestling's Greatest Moments October 21st
* WWE Smackdown: 2010 Season October 26th
* WWE Studios Knucklehead starring Big Show November 9th (Also released in Blu-Ray)
* WWE The John Cena Experience November 19th (Also released in Blu-Ray)
* TNA Hardcore Justice November TBA
* TNA Triple Threat Vol. 4 (It includes Victory Road 2010, No Surrender 2010 PPV and Another Event Due To Hard Justice 2010 being Pulled From The Set) November 19th
* WWE Bragging Rights November 23rd
* WWE 100 Craziest Moments December 14th
* WWE Bobby Heenan DVD December 28th

-- Here is a preview of this Thursday's TNA iMPACT! telecast:


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