-- WWE did not acknowledge the passing of Lance Cade last night. It is an unspoken rule that the company will not mention a passing if it is believed that it was drug related. The only mentions they will make will be on the WWE.com website.

-- Right After Wrestling, hosted by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas, had Jim Cornette on as a guest last night. Some of the highlights included:

* He will "continue to do what he's been doing" in regards to rumors that he will join the ROH booking team, which is submit ideas as he gets them. He addresses Delirious being a good choice as booker, and there is no ill will towards ROH and Adam Pearce.

* He addressed his latest rant on Eric Bischoff and elaborated his thoughts on Bischoff.

* Talking about Pro Wrestling vs. MMA, and how Cornette feels it's time to "steal ideas back" that MMA has used to become successful, he said, "MMA is just two guys fighting. Pro wrestling needs to go back to being simple."

* He feels that the conversation about "which wrestlers would have chosen MMA over wrestling 20 years ago" can't exist because "MMA wouldn't have blown up 20 years ago because pro wrestling was servicing that market well enough".

Source: PWInsider