WWE Divas Championship Match
Alicia Fox (c) vs. Melina

Alicia Fox is the first woman out to the ring to almost no reaction, like pretty much almost all other women’s matches these days. Melina is out next, and she gets a much more favorable reaction, although she’s wearing a pretty goofy costume to the ring.

The bell rings, and both women stare each other down. They lock up and Melina is able to back Fox up into the corner. Another lock up and this time Fox locks in a headlock. Fox utilizes a headlock takeover and grounds her by holding on to said headlock. Melina is able to fight up to her feet and into the ropes to break the hold. Fox pushes Melina off and Melina responds with a single leg takedown. Melina puts Fox in between the second and third rope and comes down on her with a double knee drop.

Fox charges Melina and ends up driven face first into the mat. Fox charge Melina into the corner and Melina jumps up and over, looking to injure her knee, but she stops selling it pretty immediately with a big kick to Fox’s face. Fox works on Melina’s arm with a big knee drop to the shoulder before locking in an arm bar. Melina fights back up to her feet, but Fox is able to send her into the corner. Fox charges and she eats a boot to the stomach. a quick roll up leads to a one count for Melina. Melina hits Fox with a couple of strikes, screams, and hits a double knees to Fox’s back before connecting with a big facebuster. Melina covers Fox, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Diva’s Champion: Melina

After the match, Josh Matthews is in the ring with Melina, who looks to be in tears. Matthews starts to ask a question, but LayCool is out to interrupt. McCool says Melina must be so proud of herself, and she also says Melina looks good, Not. Layla says they’ve knocked off every Smackdown diva, so tonight they wanted to come out and share in her special moment. LayCool make their way into the ring, and McCool says people will want to capture this moment because there are three champions in the ring. McCool says they have to Twitter this, but when they try to take a picture, Layla pushes them both away. She fights off both members of LayCool for a bit, but the double team advantage rears its head, and McCool and Layla are able to take down Melina. Fox tries to join in, but she’s thrown to the outside by McCool. Melina is thrown to the outside as well, where McCool kicks her head into the announce table.