3-on-1 Handicap Match
Big Show vs. CM Punk, Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows

We get an update of the last few weeks and the events leading up to this match, starting with Show unmaking Punk and exposing his bald head.

The Straight Edge Society is out to the ring first, accompanied by Serena. Punk is wearing a shirt that says ‘I Broke Big Show’s Hand’. Big Show is out to the ring next, and he’s got a big smile on his face, despite the heavily bandages right hand of Show.

The SES is outside of the ring as the Big Show gets in. Show gets the trainer to hop up on the ring apron and snip off the bandages from his hand. Show flexes his hand to show the SES how he’s doing. Punk lets Gallows and Mercury gets in the ring first, and Mercury charges Big Show, but gets swatted away. Gallows tries and the same happens. Punk regroups his troops, and apparently this match requires tags, but that isn’t enforced. Gallows and Mercury try a double team attack, but Show fights them right off. Punk is staying in the corner grabbing the tag rope. Show picks up Mercury and tosses him over the top rope and out to the floor on top of Gallows.

Punk tries his luck with the Big Show, and he catches a right hand and a big chop across the chest for his troubles. Punk rolls to the outside and Show follows him. Punk catches Show with a throat chop and tries to stomp on Show’s hand, but Show avoids it. Show tries to chop Punk again, but Show connects with the ring steps. The SES uses the opportunity to swarm Show, just laying into him and punching and stomping away before sending him back into the ring.

In the ring they go to work on both of Show’s hands before Gallows hits a big splash on Show. Mercury an Gallows hit elbow drops and Punk follows up with a leg drop. Punk lays into Show with forearms and boots and Gallows launches Mercury into Show before Punk does the same with Gallows. Punk tries to splash Show, but Show comes alive, fighting off all three members of the SES, splashing Mercury and Gallows in the corner before hitting a double clothesline. Show tries for a chokeslam, but Punk kicks Show in the face. Punk hits three high knees in a row, and he calls in Mercury, the two go to the second rope and hit a double bulldog. Mercury covers Show and is launched off at two.

Punk pounds away at Show, but Show is able to get to his feet and get Punk over his shoulders. He catches Mercury in chokeslam position, and Gallows comes in kicking Show in the face. Show dumps Punk over the top ropes. Slams Gallows down, and hits Mercury with a chokeslam, planting him on top of Gallows, while Punk makes his way to the top of the ramp with Serena.

Winner: Big Show