WWE SummerSlam Opener:

We get a video package to open the show that highlights the main feuds heading into tonight, especially the Nexus vs. Team Cena feud.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show proper. He touts the sold out crowd at the Staples Center in LA before introducing his partners Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker who send it to the ring to kick things off with a title match. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and the champion makes his way to the ring being accompanied by Vickie Guerrero.

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Vickie grabs the mic and does her ‘Excuse Me’ schtick. Kofi’s music hits to interrupt her however.

Ziggler looks hot, and Kofi is ready, the bell rings and Kingston wastes no time. Kingston punches and kicks at Ziggler before clotheslining him over the rope. Kofi tries for a suicide dive, but Vickie pulls Ziggler out of the way and Kofi crashes into the barricade.

Kofi is able to make it back into the ring where Ziggler brings the attack right to him with a big neckbreaker that’s good for a near fall. Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold, but Kofi is able to fight back up to his feet. Ziggler hits Kingston with a boot to the stomach and chokes him on the bottom rope, but Kofi is able to mount a comeback with a series of kicks. Ziggler is able to send Kofi face first into the middle turnbuckle for another near fall. Ziggler locks in a rear chin lock, continuing to work Kofi over.

Kofi tries to fight out, but Ziggler continues to put on the pressure, not letting up with the rear chin lock. Kofi fights up to his feet and pounds at Ziggler’s midsection, making his way out of the hold. Ziggler also missed a splash in the corner, allowing Kofi to catch his breath. Kofi hits Ziggler with a series of strikes before hitting a big dropkick. Kingston hits a Thesz press and punches away at Ziggler before going for the boom drop.

A series of pinfalls leads to a series of near falls, and Ziggler is able to connect with a rocker dropper to put Kingston down. Ziggler goes for the pin, but he still only scores a two count. Kofi goes to the top rope and connects with a single axe handle smash. Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, but he misses and Ziggler is able to lock in a sleeper hold. The Nexus make their way out to the ring and take out both Ziggler and Kingston.

Ziggler is sent out of the ring and the Nexus surround Kingston. Kingston tries to fight his way out, but the Nexus just lay waste to Kofi, taking him down and just continuing to beat on him. Young hits his weird full nelson slam, and Barret picks up Kingston for the fireman’s carry slam.

Barrett grabs a mic and says that’s just a taste of what they have in store for Team WWE later tonight, and it doesn’t matter if they’re able to find a 7th member, because the roster is so fragmented, they won’t be able to for a cohesive unit capable of fighting the Nexus. He says the Nexus are the most destructive force in the history of the WWE, and it’s because they’re united behind a common purpose, and he wants to let everyone know that you’re either Nexus, or you’re against us.

No Contest


Chris Jericho is backstage with the Miz. He says it pains him to say it, but they need Miz on their team, because of his unique talents. Edge is also there, he says Miz is the MITB winner, and he can appreciate that, but tonight is not about cashing in, it’s about seizing the opportunity. Jericho says if they accept their offer, it could be the biggest blockbuster announcement. Miz says he appreciates their offer, but he’s not sure he wants to make Nexus a priority, but he’ll let them know. Jericho and Edge wonder what Miz will do.