WWE SummerSlam: Team WWE Vs. The Nexus

7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match
Team WWE vs. The Nexus

Nexus is shown walking to the ring, and they cut away to show a video package that shows the events leading up to this match, including the Nexus running wild all over Raw, and Cena putting together his own team. Don't expect this match to start in few minutes...

Team Nexus make their way out to the ring first, coming out as a unit. Their entrance certainly is impressive. I'll go ahead and say here that this match will probably be difficult to call, so please cut me a little slack with this one.

John Cena's music hits, and he's the first man out for Team WWE, as it looks like they'll all get seperate entrances to stretch out this fairly thin PPV. He gets a big pop as he makes his way about halfway down to the ring. Edge is the next man out, and he also gets a pretty big pop. R-Truth is the next man out for Team WWE and he joins his teammates. Chris Jericho is out fourth for his team and he also gets a nice reaction from the crowd.

John Morrison is out next for his time, and surprisingly he doesn't get his usual slo-mo entrance. Bret Hart is out sixth for his team and he gets one of the biggest pops of the night. Hart definitely doesn't look like he'll be doing too much in the ring tonight though. Miz is out last foe his team, but Cena gets on the mic and says wait a second, Miz is too late. Cena says they realized how important this match was, and they couldn't wait for someone to decide the day of SS, so they found someone for the match, and it's not Miz, it's someone that hates the Nexus as much as them, it's DANIEL BRYAN!

Things break down into a brawl immediately and the Nexus is thrown to the outside and Daniel Bryan is back.

Nexus are freaked out that Bryan is back. Bryan and Young start things off for their teams, and Bryan is able to take Young over with a kitchen sink and he follows up with a series of kicks to the back. Huge Daniel Bryan chants. Bryan locks in a guillotine and a crossface and forces Young to tap out and calls out another member of Nexus.

Darren Young is eliminated

Bryan kicks Justin Gabriel in the chest and tags in Jericho who hits a big belly to back suplex. Jericho tags in Truth who comes in and hits Gabriel with a seires of right hands. Truth hits a back kick to Gabriels face and connects with a crazy stunner suplex that's good for a near fall.

Gabriel is able to tag out to Tarver who comes in and works over Truth with a combination of lefts and rights. The ref pulls Tarver off. And when Tarver tries to splash Truth, Truth avoids it and tags out to Morrison. Morrison hits a couple of kicks to Tarver's face and follows up with a big flash kick. Morrison connects with Starship Pain on Tarver and gets three.

Michael Tarver has been eliminated

Skip Sheffield is the next man in to take on Morrison. Skip locks up with Morrison and he tosses Morrison away. Another lock up and he tosses Morrison down to the canvas. Morrison slaps Skip across the face, and follows it up with lefts and rights, but Sheffield responds with a big slam. Sheffield stomps at Morrison's ribs before launching Morrison into the corner. Skip clubs Morrison across the back before sending him into the corner again.

Sheffield suplexes Morrison, taking him down to the mat again. Skip picks him up again, and hits another suplex. Another suplex from Sheffield, and this time it leads to a near fall. Sheffield goes to hit Morrison, but Morrison is able to fight back. Morrison catches a kick to the back of the head from Gabriel, and a big clothesline from Skip takes out Morrison. Skip gets the three count.

Morison has been eliminated

R-Truth is in and he eats a big clothesline from Sheffield. Another three count, another elimination.

R-Truth has been eliminated

Jericho comes in and he takes a big gorilla press slam from Sheffield. Wade Barrett makes the tag and he stomps away at Jericho for a second before tagging in Otunga. Otunga hits Jericho with a couple of rights before slamming him down and tagging Barrett back in. Barrett stomps on Jericho some more before locking in a submission.

Jericho is able to fight out of the submission and hit a single leg dropkick from the middle rope. Jericho rolls over to his corner, and Bret Hart makes the tag, as does Heath Slater. Hart pounds on Slater, even getting him in the corner and going to the middle rope. Hart rakes Slater's face across the ropes before tagging him in the midsection. Hart looks pretty good. Hart picks up Slater and slams him before hitting an elbow drop. Hart hits a Manhattan drop and a big right hand to Slater. Hart locks in the Sharpshooter on Slater, but Sheffield makes the tag. Someone tossed a chair in and Hart uses it on Skip, resulting in a DQ.

Hart has been eliminated

Jericho comes in and hits a codebreaker on Sheffield and he tags in Edge. Edge sets up and hits a big spear on Skip. Edge pins Sheffield and it's 4 on 4.

Skip Sheffield has been eliminated

Justin Gabriel is in and he catches a big boot from Edge. Edge sends Gabriel into the corner and follows in with a spear. Sending him across the ring again. Edge picks up Gabrial and plants him face first down on the mat, and it's good for a two count. Gabriel is able to catch Edge with a huge kick to the face, and it's good for a near fall. Gabriel tags out to Slater, who comes in and stomps away at Edge.

Slater tosses Edge to the outside, and when he pulls him back into the ring, he hits him with a right hand before tagging in Barrett. Barrett hits Edge with a head butt before standing on his throat on the bottom rope. Barrett picks Edge up and slams him head first into the turnbuckle before connecting with a big backbreaker that's good for a near fall. Barrett locks in a rear chin lock.

Edge is able to fight out of the submission and put Barrett down to the mat and Edge tries for the Impaler DDT, but Barrett counters it into a neckbreaker. Otunga tags into the match and he picks Edge up, trying for a spinebuster, but getting an Implant DDT instead. Edge rolls to his corner and he makes the tag to Jericho. Jericho knocks down Otunga with a couple of shoulder blocks before hitting a running bulldog and a giant lionsault from about 3/4 across the ring. Jericho gets Otunga in the Walls, and forces Otunga to tap.

Otunga has been elimniated

Jericho takes it right to Heath Slater on the outside of the ring, slamming him into the announce table before sending him back into the ring and following back in with a flying elbow from the top rope. Slater dodges Jericho though and Jericho runs into Cena, knocking him from the apron. The distraction leads to a big move from Slater. Jericho is pinned.

Jericho is eliminated

Edge and Cena try to get into the ring ant the same time and the argument leads to a roll up on Edge.

Edge has been eliminated

Edge sends Cena off the apron and he and Jericho attack him on the outside.

Edge sends Cena off the apron and he and Jericho attack him on the outside.

Cena is rolled into the ring and he and Slater are legal. Slater pounds on him in the corner for a bit before stomping at him and tagging in Wade Barrett. Barrett tags Cena with a couple of rights and a big left that lays him out. Barrett sends Cena into the corner and follows in with a boot to the back. Cena begins to fight back, but he walks into a big clothesline from Barrett that is good for a near fall. Gabriel tags in and he kicks Cena square in the ribs before catching him with a boot to the face. Gabriel locks in an arm bar, but Cena is quick to get back to his feet and fight out of it. Cena tries for the AA, but Gabriel counters into a DDT.

Barrett is back in the match and he wears away on Cena with a couple of right hands. Cena starts to fight back with a couple of right hands of his own, but he walks into a sidewalk slam from Barrett. Cena blocks a suplex from Barrett and he reverses it into a suplex of his own.

Heath Slater tags in and he prevents Cena from making the tag to Bryan. Slater sends Cena into the corner hard, taking him right down to the mat. Slater sends Cena into the opposite corner and Cena charges out both men hitting clotheslines.

Slater tries to prevent Cena from making the tag, but he's not successful. Bryan comes in and connects with a big kick to Slater, and another series of kicks in the corner to Slater. Bryan avoids Slater in the corner with a backflip and he sends Slater to the outside with a running forearm. Bryan follows out with a big suicide dive. Bryan sends Slater into the ring and follows him with a missile dropkick. Bryan takes out the Nexus, kicks out of a roll up, and locks in a crossface, forcing Slater to tap.

Slater is eliminated

Miz comes from the back and whacks Bryan with his briefcase. Barrett steals the victory with a quick pin.

Bryan is eliminated

Barrett goes to the outside and rolls Cena back into the ring, tagging in Gabriel.

Gabriel charges Cena in the corner, but Cena avoids him and connects with a couple of shoulder blocks before hitting a side belly to back suplex and following it up with the five knuckle shuffle. Cena tries for the AA, but Barrett makes the blind tag, coming in and stopping the AA and hitting Cena repeatedly in the head before stomping away. Barrtt and Gabriel stomp away at Cena repeatedly, making quick tags in and out, continuing to stomp at Cena. Barrett finally tags in and lets Cena get up to his feet, only to hit a big boot to send Cena to the outside. Barrett follows out quickly and Gabriel peels back some of the ringside mats.

Barrett DDT's Cena on the concrete. Barrett sends Cena back into the ring and he tags in Gabriel, telling him to go to the top. Gabriel tries for the 450, but Cena moves out of the way. Cena goes for the quick cover, and scores the three count.

Justin Gabriel is eliminated

Barrett comes in and is quickly caught in the STF. Barrett taps out, and this one is over for another stupid victory ala Superman.

Winner: Team WWE, Sole Survivor: John Cena


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