WWE SummerSlam - The Miz In-Ring Promo - Will He Join Team WWE?


Kane is shown backstage with a casket while melodramatic music plays. He says tonight he'll shut Mysterio in the casket and end his existence. The camera pans over to Sheamus. Kane asks what he wants. Sheamus says the casket is far to large for Rey Mysterio, but it's big enough for who he's facing, because tonight just like St. Patrick driving snakes out of Ireland, he'll be driving the Viper out of the WWE. Kane says no. Sheamus says that's too bad, because if they were on the same page they'd be unstoppable. Sheamus says he'll take Kane's nickname instead, because he's the real 'Big Red Monster'. Kane laughs and says Sheamus has guts, which will be spilled on the floor if he ever interrupts him again. Kane stares off into the distance to end the segment.

In the Arena:

Michael Cole begins to recap the events leading up to this match and the Miz's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with a mic in hand. Miz says the question is whether or not he should join Team WWE. He asks the crowd, and gets a bit of a mixed reaction. Miz says he could care less, because the opinion in the locker room is that he's the missing link in the chain that'll lead Team WWE to victory. Last week both Bret Hart and John Cena asked him to be on their team, and today John Cena came up to him and got down on his knees and begged him to be a part of Team WWE. He said that Cena said Miz is the only person that can see him. Bret Hart said he's the real excellence of execution. Chris Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD, which he threw in the trash. John Morrison finally admitted to being the Marty Janetty of their tag team. Edge gave him Slim Jims, and R-Truth wrote him a crappy rap. Everyone admitted they needed him except the WWE Universe. He says the fans need to realize that he's the only hope. He's the future. He's the US Champion, and a future WWE Champion. Miz says he needs to get to the decision, and it's bigger than LeBron James' spectacle on ESPN which will ultimately lead to the Laker's losing the NBA Championship. Will he join Team WWE? The answer is...'Yes'. He will join Team WWE, and he will lead them to victory. The WWE Universe won't be buzzing about the Nexus, or looking up to John Cena, they'll be admitting to what Miz has been saying all along, that he's the Miz, and he's, no, no, no. He tells the fans they can't say his catchphrase, they have to wait their turns, raise their hands and wait to be called upon. He asks for complete silence. He does the whole, I'm awesome thing again, and his music hits.


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