Jillian Hall's Cryptic Message, Matt Hardy-WWE Update, Lilian

-- Matt Hardy continues to indicate that he will parting ways with WWE in the near future. He noted to a fan on his YouTube channel that he feels it's time to move on from the organization. "I have sucked it up for a while and I've done pretty much everything I could humanly do," Hardy wrote. "I think it's just time to move on.. I would have liked to stay in WWE for my entire career, but looks like it's just not gonna work out that way. Thanks for your comment pal."

-- Shortly after RAW, WWE Diva Jillian cryptically noted on Twitter that she had closed a chapter Monday. "A chapter closed tonight," she wrote. "Excited for what's ahead." Her statement was misconstrued by some fans as an indication that she was parting ways with World Wrestling Entertainment. She then clarified: "No.... WWE hasn't released me silly gooses. Just opening a new chapter in the book of Jillian!"

-- Former RAW ring announcer Lilian Garcia, who closed a chapter of her own one year ago today when she parted ways with WWE, is advertised to appear at The Hollywood Show taking place in Burbank, California on October 9 and 10. More information on her upcoming appearance is available at https://www.liliangarcia.com/?page_id=1938


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