With John Cena’s third starring role in Legendary set to release next Friday, the WWE’s top star told CBS News that he has no intentions of leaving wrestling for Hollywood.

“I’m not going anyplace,” said Cena. “I’ve filmed three movies now with not sacrificing my WWE schedule at all. I have a system that makes it work.

“The first movie I filmed was in Australia. And I still flew back and forth and made all of my WWE commitments. So, if I can be that far from home, and still not miss anything, I know it can be done.”

Despite his commitment to his wrestling career, Cena noted that he’s not giving up movies either. Cena plans to juggle both careers, and hopes that careful time management will make it possible to do both.

“You’ve got to kind of handle life 24 hours at a time,” he stated. “It just takes time management. I enjoy my career at the WWE so I won’t be leaving anytime soon. I am going to do more movies. I can’t wait to kind of explore the possibilities and capabilities of my acting. But, certainly you’ll be able to see me on all WWE programming.”

You can watch Cena’s interview with CBS News below:

Source: CBS News