Kevin Nash was very active on Twitter ( last night, going back and forth with fans about TNA. Here are some of the comments Nash posted:

“you can say what you want about me I don’t give a F**K ,but to ever question my integrity we no longer have a business relationship.”

“and to the person that said every September I go to work for my self ,f**k you you didn’t even see it. mid card bulls–t neverbeens f**k you. “

You want to go to war with the best, hope you f**kers don’t live in glass houses. sorry to the 33?276 that have no idea what I’m ranting 4. 10- 10- 10 s–t 1099.

Jason Heary made me tweet that guess you have to stayed tune after impact 4 the answers. I’m a f**king man not some green horn boy .you don’t like what I do fine .Pay me the dates you owe me .let my accounts look at the books.

RVD said Jeff hardy and him are rock stars ,in my prime I was selling out 30?000 plus seat domes they can’t draw 1000 on the road. WTF.

I will work out my TNA contract anbd see what life brings me ,to my fans I love you and words can never explain what you mean to me. to the haters glad I was able to be there to dump on me to make u feel better about your F**KED up lifes.

going to take some time off twitter , will still read tweets just need to decompress away from the wrestling world. much love ?..Kev.”

Nash also said he was “moving on” when asked if he’d be staying in TNA. Word is that Nash’s name has come up as being on board with the new WWP promotion in Florida. No word on whether the delays with that project have impacted Nash’s involvement.