Matt Hardy's Latest Video, Cornette/Bischoff/ROH Feud

When Eric Bischoff wrote several weeks ago about Ring of Honor calling the company a "backyard vanity project for marks", Jim Cornette had a response in discussing how while Bischoff may be right about ROH not hosting talent that draw money, he is also attached to a promotion that has lost tens of millions more than ROH. Cornette added, "Bischoff sees no similarity between MMA/UFC and pro wrestling, which is why he is doomed to be a guy that was successful for 2 years out of a 20 year career. BTW, what other executive in any company actively dislikes, disagrees with, ignores and insults the 10% of people who are the most dedicated to and spend the most money on their product or service?"

Here is the latest Matt Hardy video. He once again twists the truth in many more ways than one. He also doesn't appear to be in the best condition, again slurring his words and looking glossy eyed. Obviously this is not a work and he still has yet to address why he was "sent home" twice by WWE management and has been pulled from all TV and live events for the time being.

Good lord. By the way - Happy Birthday Matt Hardy! He turns 36 today.


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